what do you think of this?

this may change how you think about this, you may comment but after reading that  you may not comment or you may comment in a different  way then you will reread this and comment in a different way
that will change how you comment on other forum topics then you might come back here and comment saying this is useless but then realize it must not be useless if i am commenting

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fatburt2 years ago

first thread i read lololol

I'll comment later brb

bertwert2 years ago


JM19992 years ago

If I comment, I will have made another comment.

If I don't no-one will be able to read this.

If no-one reads this the comment was pointless.

If the comment was pointless I shouldn't have posted it.

If I shouldn't have posted this I wouldn't have.

If I didn't post this no-one would have a chance to read this.

If no-one has the chance to read this I won't know if it was worth posting.

If I don't know if this is worth posting I might post something different.

If I posted something different this wouldn't be here.

If this wasn't here that would mean I posted nothing.


I posted this!

So, some-one can now read this.

This comment may not be pointless.

Not being pointless means I should have posted this.

That is why I posted this!

bravoechonovember1 (author)  JM19992 years ago

But since you posted that (by the way that was thought through) someone may read it and comment to you or they may not but my comment is pointless because someone already commented

Since I posted, there is doubt in my mind.

Since there is doubt in my mind I might not post again.

Since I might not post again that would remove the doubt.

Since I would remove the doubt I might post.

Since I might post the doubt might return.

Since the doubt might return I might not post.

Since I might not post you wouldn't be able to read this.

Since you can't read this I won't post it.

Since I don't post it that means I won't post anything.

Since I won't post anything I wouldn't be writing this.

Since I am writing this I might post it.

Since I might post it that dreaded doubt might return...

bravoechonovember1 (author)  JM19992 years ago

I doubt anyone that reads that will never doubt doubting

But actually if the person reads this comment they will doubt doubting doubt

Well if anyone reads your comment they would doubt to add another comment.

If no-one reads your comment no-one would doubt commenting.

If no-one doubted commenting there would be more comments.

If there were more comments there would be more doubt.

If there was more doubt there would be less comments.

If there were less comments the doubt would still increase.

If the doubt still increases then no-one would comment.

If no-one comments there would be great doubt and the site would fail.

If Instructables failed this comment wouldn't be here.

If this comment wasn't here there wouldn't be any doubt in my mind.

If there was no doubt in my mind I would comment.

If I commented I might review my decision.

If I reviewed my decision I might doubt making another comment.

If I had doubt I wouldn't be writing th-

If I wrote a full sentence I wouldn't have doubt.

If I had no doubt that would make me a robot.

I doubt I am a robot...

bravoechonovember1 (author)  JM19992 years ago


Earlier you stated that you have doubt but then you at the bottom of the last comment you commented you said you doubt you are a robot which actually means you aren't a robot I doubt that anyone will understand doubt

Well, earlier is a long time frame.

Being a long time frame it is hard to pinpoint things.

Being hard to pinpoint something would mean I can't find it.

Being not able to find something means I may not have written it.

Being unsure if I wrote something makes me not want to comment.

Being unsure about commenting makes me nervous.

Being nervous I might misplell somethnig.

Being nto albe to splell rihgt means this comnment is pointless.

Being piontelss means I shoulndt post ti.


I posted it!

bravoechonovember1 (author)  JM19992 years ago

earlier you said you were a robot

And everyone knows that robots can't pinpoint things

Wait........ That must mean I am a...............robot

but robots can't think....... but thinking means doubting

And I doubt that robots doubt

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