what gun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, i want to make 3 guns. they are the inferno,SR-V1 and the scar 11.01 (burrito masters gun). but, i do not have the pieces to make all of them. so what one should i make? please tell me

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Kaiven9 years ago
i still dont know if i should build, uses a bit of ppeices... oh, im a member :)
DEFINATLLY the scar 11.01 i made it and it shoots like 50 feet.
nerfer1929 years ago
this is technically not spam, but since it is in my nerf group, then it is spam to the group, as u see it is about knex(but i dont hate knex, just not in my group.)
its not working =(
could u post an instructable on it here?
Dutchj10 years ago
Depends on what you like. If you like looks I'd go with the Scar. If you like power go with the SR-v1. If you like innovation go with the Inferno. The SR-v1 will be posted tomorrow, so you can build that earlier if you want it.
Mepain Dutchj10 years ago
Hmm, sounds like the only gun moving forward is the Inferno. Sure the SR-v1 has power, but none of us will be able to make it as powerful as advertised. We have a lot of guns that look good, the scar being only one of them.

But the Inferno. Oh, yes; the Inferno has it all. Not only does it look like a beast, but it has power. If configured correctly, I could get it to shoot through cardboard, or shoot across a football field. I currently have not unlocked the full potential of the Inferno, but I assure you all, it lives up to its name. But above all, it is innovative. The one true thing that will move the whole knex world onto another platform. A platform never before reached until now. An entirely new bag of tricks to be released on December 24th.


It comes.
Dutchj Mepain10 years ago
Really? I thought you said you weren't gonna release it tomorrow but somewhere next month.
Mepain Dutchj10 years ago
Imma post in KI tomorrow. Instructables will be in a month or 2.
GreekGuy Mepain10 years ago
Whats Kl?
Dutchj GreekGuy10 years ago
Lol, yeah what is it.
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