what happened to featured authors?

what happened to the featured author interviews? the last on was back in february

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Funky3381 year ago

I also would like to see the return of these, they were such interesting reads!

ptkrf1 year ago

I would like to see the return of that as well along with featured author contest.

Neepha2 years ago

Hi bravoschonovember1. We hope to return to doing featured author interviews in the next couple of months. Is there anyone in particular you're thinking of?

If I may make a suggestion:

He's quite a mysterious person who has been posting paper airplanes since 2009? (instructables don't have dates anymore aparently) and every couple of weeks he posts a new one. Everyone who has been here for a while has seen him. (or her)

bravoechonovember1 (author)  Neepha2 years ago

well no one in particular (aside from me:) )

and also it's bravoechonovember1 this being the phonetic alphabet spelling of my name

I'm sorry for the typo! We will keep you on our shortlist. : )
bravoechonovember1 (author)  Neepha2 years ago

no prob

you're on pier 9 right?