what image file types work in instructables?

what image file types work in instructables? Is there a help link somewhere for building instructables and getting answers to questions like this?

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haakon.k6 years ago
In the same vein, does anyone know what cad files can be uploaded? And, perhaps more to the point, can anyone recommend a free basic cad program?

Kiteman6 years ago
I find rectangular ones work best.

Apart from that, I haven't found an image-type that doesn't work.

I'm fairly sure that PICT files (Mac's old-school format) do not work, nor do TIFFs.
Since I have tried neither PICT nor TIFF, the validity of my statement remains intact.

I fully agree :-) My comment was additional, not replacement.
caitlinsdad6 years ago
You can try to upload images of different types to your image library and see what works. Jpegs and gifs work. Haven't tried with others. You should private message rachel, chief programmer mistress, if you have specific questions.
dome_head (author)  caitlinsdad6 years ago
Thanks for the info I am suprised that there are no Help pages with general information like this.
There have been attempts by members over the years to create FAQs, but maintaining them is more effort than you might think.
It is a DIY site. Help yourself. :)
It depends on what you want to do, build your own interface, feed, browser add-on, regular instructable, etc, but yeah, they could mention what filetypes could be uploaded with the system.
Goodhart6 years ago
I have in my library jpeg, gif, png, bmp, & icn images uploaded