what is the instructable robot's name?

I was just wondering if the  instructable robot has a name
anyone know?

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Kiteman2 years ago

He is called the Instructables Robot, often shortened to just Robot.

bravoechonovember1 (author)  Kiteman2 years ago

ah so not like Timmy or jimmy or anything

Nope, just Robot.

Moem Kiteman2 years ago

That's not very glamourous...

At BookCrossing.com we had a contest to think of and choose a name for the mascot. Maybe something like that would be fun to do here, as well.

The topic does come up for discussion every once in a while.


Of course, any name change will now have to be approved by the Autodesk Board of Directors and scrutinized by the corporate lawyers.


bravoechonovember1 (author)  caitlinsdad2 years ago

sorry but when I saw that picture I just had to....


(that was actually why I was wondering

instead of "Washington" I was going to put the name)

There was once a discussion of how members should be compensated for creating ibles. It seems the Robot buck is still worth as much as the paper it is written on...even less if compared to Euros, more if compared to drachmas.

bravoechonovember1 (author)  caitlinsdad2 years ago

(comment removed by me so no one steals my instructable)

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