what is your favirote gun?

what is your favirote gun, talk about it hear

Picture of what is your  favirote gun?
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Lowney8 years ago
My new sniper posting it soon! :D Here is a picture of the unfinished v1 (I will post the v2 straight off as it is much better!) bit rubbish but has a few very innovative features. And by that I mean some stuff unique to this gun.
skunkbait9 years ago
I've got an old single barrel .20 ga. "Volunteer" shotgun. It is my absolute favorite. It was my grandfather's when he was a kid. It's about 95 years old. My oldest son and I have both taken deer with it, and I couldn't begin to tell you it's toll on the squirrel and rabbit population. I own several modern auto and pump shotguns, but some things are irreplaceable. My other fave is the .44 Mag. Ruger Super Blackhawk that my wife gave me fore our anniversary.
. Last (first and only) time I shot a .44Mag, I ended up with a small dent in my forehead. It was a friend's Ruger *hawk, but, IIRC, had a slightly longer barrel. Same finish as your's (brushed stainless?) - beautiful gun. It felt good in my hand ... until I pulled the trigger. :)
Little known fact, Video of this incident is available on the intarweb. Okay, it's not really Nacho, but it is proof that just because you can afford it doesn;'t mean you are smart enough to shoot it..

personally I'm fond of Double Rifles and Thompson Center's Contender Single shot pistol.
That video was awesome! I'd love to have an old African-style double rifle. I almost bought one ten years ago. Now I'm WAY too broke.
Ain't it just? The vido calls it a .t0 caliber, what it doesn't say is that that is a Thompson Center Contender custom chambered in .600 Nitro Express! That's just freaking insane. The bullet alone weighs just shy of 2oz.
I love the Contenders, but I'd never seen one fire a load that heavy!
BTW, even though it's an impractical gun I saw this Taurus judge in the Gander Mtn circular this week, looks like a fun plinker.
My oldest boy bought one last month! His has one of the longer barrels. We have only fired the .410 shells out of it so far, but hope to get a box of .45 LC soon.
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