what kind of knex guns do you want??

hey guys do you want more knex semi auto guns,more knex shotguns,knex machine guns,or new knex trigger guns which do you want more of??

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soccer91125 years ago
glock 18 , i like the way glocks look they are so awesome
look up seleziona
SNIPERDUDE10 years ago
a true gatling gun.
(one that loads the bolt when rotating)

see http://science.howstuffworks.com/machine-gun4.htm
Thats an amazing link! =)
Thanks, it was a great find for sure.
Really shifts time! lol
 i know how to do it...
and how would you do it?  It is not possible to create a spiral to wind the bolts whence rotating.  Although it is possible to use gears to rotate around a central large gear, you would still need to convert the circular movement to directional.  I have thought about cutting teeth into a rod to achieve this though.
 to put it simple, use the rotational force from a power drill and convert it to directional
No duh.  This would requre cutting teeth into a rod though because we can't achieve a spiral ramp.  And even then, you would need a considerable amount of torque on the rotational movement to have the power to pull back a rod with a rubber band forcing it forward.  And would the teeth be able to hold the force required to pull back the firing pin (considering you want enough force of the pin to launch it farther than 10 feet), or would the teeth knash and slip?  Also to be considered, even if you use a gear box to transfer the torque needed rotationally, you would need a fast motor to get any significant Rounds-Per-Minute firing speed (the opposite of torque is speed.  You can lower the torque needed, but at the same time sacrificing speed.  So think it would take 10 full rotations as apposed to one to just fire one bolt).  Also to be considered is the more barrels you add to the central gear, you multiply the torque needed.

Although sometimes things work in theory, when you add the physics needed it becomes a serious challenge.
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