what kind of knex guns do you want??

hey guys do you want more knex semi auto guns,more knex shotguns,knex machine guns,or new knex trigger guns which do you want more of??

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soccer91124 years ago
glock 18 , i like the way glocks look they are so awesome
look up seleziona
SNIPERDUDE9 years ago
a true gatling gun.
(one that loads the bolt when rotating)

see http://science.howstuffworks.com/machine-gun4.htm
Thats an amazing link! =)
Thanks, it was a great find for sure.
Really shifts time! lol
 i know how to do it...
and how would you do it?  It is not possible to create a spiral to wind the bolts whence rotating.  Although it is possible to use gears to rotate around a central large gear, you would still need to convert the circular movement to directional.  I have thought about cutting teeth into a rod to achieve this though.
 to put it simple, use the rotational force from a power drill and convert it to directional
No duh.  This would requre cutting teeth into a rod though because we can't achieve a spiral ramp.  And even then, you would need a considerable amount of torque on the rotational movement to have the power to pull back a rod with a rubber band forcing it forward.  And would the teeth be able to hold the force required to pull back the firing pin (considering you want enough force of the pin to launch it farther than 10 feet), or would the teeth knash and slip?  Also to be considered, even if you use a gear box to transfer the torque needed rotationally, you would need a fast motor to get any significant Rounds-Per-Minute firing speed (the opposite of torque is speed.  You can lower the torque needed, but at the same time sacrificing speed.  So think it would take 10 full rotations as apposed to one to just fire one bolt).  Also to be considered is the more barrels you add to the central gear, you multiply the torque needed.

Although sometimes things work in theory, when you add the physics needed it becomes a serious challenge.
i meant with our rubber bands, the force from the drill would hit the bullet directly, after converting the power from rotational to directiuonal.
Although the speed is there, it wouldn't have the momentum I'd imagine.  Also I think the rack and pinion mechanism would create too much friction for it to effectively work.  You would need a near-frictionless cog/rack combo and you would need the bullet to be placed as close to the firing pin as possible (leaving little to no [preferably none] gap in-between the two when the firing pin is pulled back at its max) to make use of whatever momentum you can.
 lol whatever, i wasnt planning on doing it anyway.
Hmm, one day we may just have a working design for effective full-auto (with good power).  Sorry if I came off rude, I was just kind of bouncing ideas off - sounding a bit too much like shooting down you idea.  But I did a bit of digging, and am thinking of redesigning my original plans for full-auto.
 lol its ok dude, maybe we could do a collab?  also, check out my M4 Carbine
 Well, it might end up being a tank in size (mounted turret type), because I have tens of pounds of K'nex to spare.  If we split in collaboration, it'd be focusing on the technologies in small chunks.
sure... but right now im working on a few other guns
 And I'm in school full time, this would likely happen in the summer or something.
oo... ok
 Sorry dude, your M4 just looks like another gun made from looks first.  How well does it function (rpm, caliber (bullet size?), clip size, ease of use/reloading)?  For something built off ideas first, check out my HV1 (just click my name to find it).  It holds something like 30 red rods, semi-auto with a fire rate of roughly 20rpm (similar to that of a pump-action shotgun).  Fires effectively at roughly 20ft mounted on the ground, about 30ft effective standing.

I have built a better gun since, but have not uploaded it.  My new gun holds 12 red rods, fires semi-auto (pull-release) at about 50rpm.  Great accuracy, near-frictionless design, very light-weight, and has a large shield on the front around the base of the barrel.  Fires effectively at 40ft mounted on the ground, 50-60ft standing.  Maybe I'l upload some pics.  I don't even have a name for it yet (it wasn't designed from the look of any gun, the looks are just modeled around the mechanics), but it's been my fav gun for over a year now - I have not come across a better gun.

I'm going to upgrade this gun and maybe add a removable clip.  I'm also going to use the mechanics in this gun for the new auto whence conceived.
 ummm... it can shoot about 30 ft with one elastic, its slide action, the mag holds about 30 rounds, and its slide action.  I meant for it to be a replica anyway so the peerformance doesnt matter too much for me.  When i post, if you build, could you try making a better mech for me?
 I'm not planning on building it.  I can however show you a few good links for other instructables that have great mechanics.  I'll have to do it when I get home however.
i thought about the teeth too......
But you never did explain the method you had in mind yet
exactly. It wouldn't really work that well. The rod would really flimsy....
My main concern was the torque you would need to pull the firing pin back using the (considerably flimsy) rod with the teeth.  This force needed is multiplied by the number of barrels too.
exactly :)
Although if you completely exclude the rod problem, it is possible to use a gear box to transfer the torque needed to just speed needed.  This in turn though would change the one rotation needed to fire to something like ten.  At this point you would need a very fast motor.
Hmmmm. I guess you are right :)
 uhh... its realy hard to explain.
Do the best you can, I'll try to understand
I reackon this is certanly possible.
*reckon Anyway I have tried, but I'm not giving up yet. Because you can only see the model in 2D, you miss out on the important part that makes it so much more of a challenge: as you can see the pins are pulled back on a ramp, but the thing is because this ramp is rotational. So, the key part is creating a spiral ramp that can pull the pins back. Take another look at the model knowing this, and you can certainly see the challenge. Good luck to you if you can achieve this.
if you hand crank it it would be AWSOME come on knexperts this would be freaking cool
Thanks but no thanks. Anywho I plan on making it on a motor, for the sake of hooking it up to my turret programme. If I can ever get it working.
Yeah and one that fires rods
True say. I don't want any RBG for this...
Thats really cool! I will start making one (added to the list of other knex guns I want to make :-()
A mini gun would be cooler.
No, if you look at the true physics of a Gatling Gun it is simply amazing. Although I don't really think it is achievable with K'nex; Making a spiral ramp to draw each pin is the challenge. Mini guns are somewhat convenient, but if you make a real Gatling that means you can make the greatest K'nex full-auto gun (which can then be either wrist mounted (like samus' arm cannon in the Metroid Prime series), or even turret mounted.) I would really like to achieve this, I am planning on making a fully-automatic turret (follows target automatically and fires). Sadly, I believe this is much easier than creating a Gatling. Planning on using a webcam for the eyes, making a java prog for the tracking, and parallelport output to a breadboard to control the motors. Should be fun. >: D
lol, and I came up with the schematics for a real trip-mine. Uses a laser, not string. I'm not evil, I just like a challenge. (try to steal this from my room and not get shot...) But really that would be awesome, making a system advanced enough to create a stealth game out of it... Would include: my fully auto turret trip-mines detonation mines (also controlled by the Java programme) Any other ideas?
Why not just make the death star while your at it! Lol. I have a new gun idea that I am going tobe working on soon though. If I make it correctly it will be the best semi auto k'nex gun on this site. I foresee it putting 25 rounds into a target at 10-15 feet accurately in about 30 seconds. I will need to begin to build it first though. :) It will be called the SAGOD1.
Nice. Hope to see it sometime... If I ever get some progress on my gun, I'll post what I got. btw, I was originally going to create the death star, but was stopped because of copyright issues. lmao. But I am planning on making the things listed.
I want to make a life sized star destroyer some day. That would be enough for me. XD. But yeah, I'm not going to reveal the secret to my guns power until after I have built it. YOU WILL NEVER FIGURE IT OUT!!!
Meh, if it is mechanics - trust me I'll figure it out. If it is misc (for example, rubber-band type), chances are I wouldn't. Good luck though.
It's not mechanics or rubber band type. It's actually a new concept not seen on this site.
Oh, and thank you for the good luck. I will need it.
Will be waiting, really looking forward to it.
this is really interesting, i gonna work on this system out of knex, ive got some ideas to do this. thanks
ya, i am trying to make one of those too. it not going so well.
very interesting, thanks.
A 50.cal machine gun replica Browning style! lol
SonicX 227 years ago
 a moon in space that can shoot out a huge laser and blow up a planet :D
DeAn0WoW998 years ago
a machine gun turret that stands up like from halo 3
Skreetsha9 years ago
i love crossbows for they're raw power and excellent accuracy like mine Type: h.a.w.c to see my crossbow
Or his reversed xbow wich is a portable pack of power .>XD
Lol :P
heat-seeker8 years ago
it is no diffrent than anything else on this site please try the link a bit up this page that would be cool
Oh the unoriginality that exists in the K'nex forums on this site...
I want a new type of machine gun. one where you don't have to reload every single chain link, like an m60, or a HK 21 or a M249.
killa6969 years ago
Bolt action sniper (a decent one).
one that can hold plenty of bullets. i have one that can hold at least 30 blue rods but it should be able to hold more. should i post?
SNIPERDUDE9 years ago
What are the mechanics of it? How does it load / fire? Is each pin pulled back manually or automatically? It certainly does appear to be unique, even if it is based on the other type of Gatling seen on this site.
its not a copy or inspired i only saw gatling guns that were put on a stand/base and i didnt like that so i started working and yes every shot has to be pre-loaded manually and it basiclly is 16 small block trigger guns that all use the killerk knex gun system and an engine let them rotate so the blocks will be pushed down which let the guns shoot there ammo clear enough?
Yes. This is the same concept seen throughout this site, but yours seems to be much sturdier in design.
thank you
No problem - the concept was pretty good when it came out - but it was still too early to be considered an effective weapon.
ok but now it has been posted! the Tornado 480 Command v2
Cool, I will give it a better look.
ok do you mean look it up or just upgrade it?
Most likely the first... not likely the latter. No promises on the last one.
ok :)
Oblivitus9 years ago
It's a little funky, but pretty good.
funky? LMAO xD
arbiter4109 years ago
an md6 halo pistol
arbiter4109 years ago
no im serious a 40 round per second devastator rubber band minigun
arbiter4109 years ago
gmjhowe9 years ago
i want one that has the same power as a high quality bb gun.
Oblivitus9 years ago
i need to stop talking to myself, lol.
Oblivitus9 years ago
I'm the only person who rated this page so far. Lol.
Oblivitus9 years ago
I want a semi auto hand gun. An actual hand gun sized one that doesn't jam and is actually semi auto and is ACTUALLY THE SIZE OF A HAND GUN! ...and doesn't jam. Get the picture yet?
i dont want semi auto because they are weak. I dont even want fully auto because they are hard to controll in wars. I want a good STRONG (100+ft) gun or cross bow with pump action and a large magazine
Pump ation guns are generally pretty weak because they decrease the cocking distance of the ram.
A crossbow that fires around 200 feet that does not even need a trigger to do that (you can detach it for a faster fire rate and in some cases more power)..one problem...it may be too dangerous to fire at your friends :/
Picture 051.jpg
Huge knex gatling guns. WOOT
i made one. you can dig it out if you want to. it's in one of my forums. it is labeled the destroyer machine gun.
Ya, I Want a gat that works on a chain, not a circular barrel. So i guess thats not really a gatling gun.....
thats a minigun...
Or a MG
paperninja9 years ago
i made a knex turret. it can move up, down, left, and right in a 360 degree angle. it fires rubberbands and holds up to four but fires hard. post pics? also it is powered by four motors with separate on-off switches on a main controller.
well then lest see a pic!
23GUITAR059 years ago
I'd like to see a Beret 50. cal. sniper system....
i knoiw
niether is mine...
Mepain10 years ago
Something big...
woohoo659 Mepain10 years ago
ive got a forum on that peace
It's called a THREAD, Not a forum.
haha i think you are best qualified for that, i probably dont even have half as many pieces as you
T-man10 years ago
i agrre with mepain
Have you any reason to say that?
what did he say?
Easy Button (author)  Baron A10 years ago
swears i think
yeh he kept dissin my suggestions for knex guns
you could diss him back you know lol!
nah i couldnt do that, that would violate te Be nice comment policy! :P
see......your a dude who plays by the rules! lol..................................you will never get satisfied lol.
Knex Prow10 years ago
i need to see more shotguns semi ANd full auto guns a new trigger system and a new magazine system:P
TheCheese992110 years ago
I wanna see a full size knex AK-47 that can fire real rounds of ammo.
Here is some new pictures of my gun. The reason for this is that i needed to strengthen it. Now it is strong and has a new overall design, i thought i should send some more new pictures. Since you wanted to know where it was posted i thought i should post them here. Hope you like it.
Ak-47 Full gun. 2nd Picture..JPGAK-47 All Parts..JPG
Vynash THE SGT10 years ago
check your private message
That can't shoot REAL rounds of ammo only knex peices
Yeh! of course it can not fire real rounds. If you want to do that, then buy a real gun. I am only here to make K'nex guns.
already done.
lol i want a smaller pistol with 50+feet of range
i have one that can shoot 100 feet and it is simple to make.
i mite be able to make urs now that i got a new tub of knex :]
when you make it tell me how you like it.
i have made it modded it and shot some1 er.. it jammed then misfired lol
i have one that shoots 100 feet that is simple to make.
i hve one
trebuchet0310 years ago
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Easy Button (author) 10 years ago
please every body stop spamming on my topic sadama and osama, and killuhmike thats you
zieak10 years ago
Settle down there killer. Fewer insults please. Flagged for review.
what happened to the be nice comment policy?
killuhmike9910 years ago
i want to see powerful crossbows that can go into cardboard without sharpening it like drummer ians and good rubber band guns like full auto rbgs and som semi auto ones but crossbows are my biggest demand...
i know what we need! we need simpler ones, the ones that use fewer and easier to find pieces. preferably a pump action kind or shotgun!
i wanna seee every new guns exept crappy "killer k mod's"
acker12310 years ago
im gonna make a knex turret! i will hav a base with motor in and then a remote control so i can move the main gun on top. i will probs use a gatling on top or design a new mg! im new so if i make it, it will b my first instructable yeah!!!! acker123
Vynash10 years ago
i want another gun like mepains sniper but much better
justavip10 years ago
you know me10 years ago
RIFLES I NEED MOR SHOTGUNS SNIPERS A NEW DOUBLED BARRELD SHOTGUN (i tried making one it worked but forgot how to make it (sorry short atention span)) soooooooo as i was saying and a possible pinaple grenade!!!(im making a chain saw but i dont think i should post it caus it always jams the chain and theres no moter so its just an idea in the wind)
how about something that is like a bb or airsoft gun and with a new-but-reliable trigger system?
ryan knexer10 years ago
more shotguns or snipers
captianchase10 years ago
real round, like what they fire out of real ak-47s, that sounds illegal and dangerous
NachoMahma10 years ago
. I prefer a 9mm Parabellum for home protection and .223 Remington for varmints and game up to about 100 kilos. . . Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;)
captianchase10 years ago