what kind of swiss army knife should i get

ok so i have this swiss army knife its pretty old and bad i can only get like 3 of the things out #1:the large knife #2:the bottle opener #3: the wine opener does anybody have any idea how to get the other ones out besides trying to pry them out with my finger nails. and if i were to get a new one which one should i get?

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toogers9 years ago
for just a small basic one, go to cabella's and get the 27.99 dollar one. 2 blades and scissors. pretty nice acctuly.
Kiteman10 years ago
I use a Leatherman Juice XE6 (nice prize, thanks Eric), but I can also recommend Gerber and Victorinox.

The main thing to do is decide what you need in the tool (are there specific blades or tools you need?), or what you need it for (You know you need a knife, but is it for hunting? fishing? making?), and then browse the sites. Leatherman have a comparison chart for their Juice knives.

When you've decided what you want, you then compromise with what you can afford. Don't make the mistake of buying a cheap copy with more blades - they go blunt quicker or fail more easily. Make do with the best decent knife you can afford.
zachninme Kiteman10 years ago
Can you make juice with that?
You can make juice with any heavy, blunt object...Same deal as hammers...
Brennn10 Kiteman10 years ago
I have one of these as well. My name engraved. Not too expensive if you dont get to win one.
gyromild Kiteman10 years ago
Now kiteman..You're taking every opportunity there is to post these photos aren't you :)
Kiteman gyromild10 years ago
At least they're relevant this time!
benhudson10 years ago
Either a genuine Victorinox locking knife (can't remember the model name), or a Leatherman, or an Opinel clasp knife. Opinels are cheapest, but simple, with only one blade. A No.8 I bought in France cost 18€, and came with a nice leather pouch. Keep a Victorinox damn clean, or they'll get bunged up with dirt. Leathermans are pretty much indestructable. But always go for a good brand, and look after them. Good oil, regular cleans and regular sharpening.
rickick10 years ago
try some wd40 or soaking them in soome oil.
Easy Button (author)  rickick10 years ago
i did wd40 it didnt really work
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