what to do with a 50,000 volt Tesla coil?!

I just got a 50,000 volt Tesla coil (Oudin coil) for Christmas. I dont have a clue what i could use it for, i need inspiration. My uncle likes to surprise me with semi random things so other than shocking metal tables i just dont know what to do with it.
---from teachersource.com (where he ordered it)
While more accurately called an Oudin Coil, these are commonly referred to as a hand-held "Tesla Coil." This coil is self-contained in a heavy duty Bakelite case which forms a convenient handle. The spark is adjustable from 10,000 to 50,000 volts at frequencies of approximately 1/2 megahertz. The high frequency spark produced is about 1" long and can be used for a wide array of applications. An instrument like this is intended for intermittent use only and must be turned off after 10 minutes of use. The electrode furnished is approximately 2" long and the instrument is furnished with an intensity adjusting knob. For 115v, 50/60 Hz. An improved SAFETY FEATURE is the ON/OFF momentary switch which is in the handle. This makes our Oudin Coil extra safe for classroom use. (Runs on standard North American line current, 110 volts 60 Hz)

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jtomorrow6 years ago
if you read the works of Steven Gibbs, you can use the 50k Tesla coil along with a laser to transport matter into the future. (Page 82 of "Stranger than fiction - the true time travel adventures")
One of the people who tried this transported a steel ball 10 minutes into future, it appeared inside a wall.
need2hate7 years ago
ok 1. open up a microwave and find the magnetron and remove it. ( looks like a silver box made up of accordion shaped metal plates with two connections) 2. wire one of the two  connections to  a ground. 3. hold the electrode about a half inch to an inch away so it makes contact with the other connector 4. point (the porcelain cylinder) at anything u don't like, want to see suffer extreme pain, you want to cook, or light up.
Your probably going to want to build a metal horn around your magnetron to protect your self from, and control the direction of the microwaves.
This may work as a herf (high energy radio frequency) gun, but was really intended no more than a joke.

Warning- I'm not responsible for any harm inflicted upon you or anyone else while following any of my advise/instructions. This can and will result in extreme injury's and/or death! Use extrem cation and know what your doing before you attempt anything closely related to what I'm talking about. Or just dont do it at all.

It's an awesome idea, but that wouldn't work because:

1# Magnetrons require much higher current than an Oudin can supply
2# They do NOT run on 50 kV, they run on 2.1 kV
3# They require the drive* current to be rectified.
4# Both connectors you mentioned are just the filament, directly connected to each other. Case is ground.

I have a herf gun, it's fun to play with.

*drive, meaning of course the current between the filament and ground.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
placing it near magnets makes them jump You could make an intense coilgun by charging up some capacitors with that.
Or an electrothermal gun, with the sparks.
Actually you could use a set of these to power the coils, using a microcontroller and some relays or transistors to flip those microswitchs in a high speed series, making one hell of a coil gun...
so put magnet on wood table turn on the coil move coil close to magnets magnets go flying
something like that, my science teacher did it once
You could turn your hand into a plasma ball using an argon chamber (where do you get argon, anyway?), as in this demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5PGQfUSZ_A&feature=related
I think the device you have is essentially the same as my antique violet ray with a different electrode attachment. They now make violet wands with long-lasting ceramic coils for use in BDSM, but that's another story.
...(where do you get argon, anyway?)...
Welding supply store, it's a common shielding gas, industrial grade is pure enough for a plasma globe.
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