what to do with a useless remote

i have a sony RMT-CE75A remote control for a radio cassette player we used to have, i just want to make something cool out of it, i know our car(jeep safari could use a new car remote because we broke the spare) but thats just makes me wonder about its frequency and stuff like that is it possible to convert this remote into a car remote(giving the fact that i would make a new case for it) if not what else can i do, i have alll day a good soldering iron and im bored

Rotten (author) 10 years ago
bump, please guys im sure you could instruct me to do something with it i have A LOT of time to build things and im VERY bored
i think that using it as a car remote would be impossible becuase you need to code it from the manufactrue or sumthing (otherwise ne1 could brake into your car)
Rotten (author)  drummer ian10 years ago
yeah thats what i thought too