what type of movies do you like

I just want to take a quick survey about what types of movies are the most common (out of the people reading this)

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happyjo7 years ago
I love all Studio Ghibli films. I also love Wallcace and Gromit! Who wouldn't? Fantastic Mr. Fox is also awesome!
acidbass (author)  happyjo7 years ago
mr fox is awesome! i still crack up the Wand G series are great to
I know Fantastic Mr. Fox is da bomb! What is the Wand G series? I haven't heard of it.
acidbass (author)  happyjo7 years ago
wallace and gromit i forgot to put a space in there
acidbass (author) 7 years ago
buy some popcorn to support your local boy and cub scouts http://www.trails-end.com/estore/home_alt.jsp?_requestid=1508884
CrLz7 years ago
One film I found very interesting, and topical to this community, is Der Lauf der Dinge (English title: The Way Things Go).  Very similar to a Rube Goldberg device, artistically clever, fun to watch Fischli's and Weiss's imagination play out.
the way things go.jpg
acidbass (author)  CrLz7 years ago
wow! that looks like one I have to see
CrLz acidbass7 years ago
There is 3 minutes available at the link page. YouTube had some uploaded also.
acidbass (author)  CrLz7 years ago
yeah i saw the link page and i am intrigued
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