what's a good adhesive to sticking tinfoil to plastic?

i want to use some foil wrappers leftover Halloween candy for decorations but my initial attempts either peeled off or never quite dried. 

What's a good adhesive to sticking tinfoil to plastic?



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Honus5 years ago
Try using contact cement.
flashj (author) 5 years ago
The more I think about it, the more I imagine I'll want to coat it with acrylic or something so I might as well use that to hold things in place till the sealer dries.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Double-sided carpet tape. Rub/Burnish the foil after you stuck the tape on. Similar to making your own foil duct tape.
Goodhart5 years ago
If you don't have to do a large amout of it, you could try to lightly sand it with very fine grit sandpaper (a single rub over each surface would helpl
canucksgirl5 years ago
It depends on the plastic. Most adhesives will say in the fine print that they work on "some" or "most" plastics, but don't necessarily tell you the types they work on.

The other issue is the wrappers. Are they completely clean? If they are, they still could have a kind of wax coating on them (to help keep candy from sticking) in which case they won't glue to anything very well.

I would start with a good all-purpose glue. WeldBond is one that I like. It works on pretty much everything (including foam and styrofoam). Try just the wrapper to a piece of paper. If it doesn't stay glued, then the wrappers are coated. If paper will glue to your plastic, then you know the formula works okay with that specific plastic. If you can't get either to glue to paper, then the glue is the problem and you have to try another kind.
flashj (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
thanks for the recommendation. What you describe is pretty much what I found in my testing. I even tried some old school "Mod Podge" which appeared to work for about a week then peeled off like rubber cement.
Loctite may be another one you'll want to try.