whats better rap or rock and roll

i say rock but anyone can say there opionon and debate (argue) i will 'debate' with anyone just call me out

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fart4 years ago
Rap is like scissors rock always beats it
knexpeople7 years ago
Rock and roll sucks-things like Linkin Park And Pillar are cool but that isn,t classified rock and roll,cause rock and roll is 80,s-thus Rap&Hiphop=Better:D
knexfreak95 (author)  knexpeople7 years ago
rock and roll is 60's and 70' rock,if u knew wat u were talking about you would know this
I like rock, Eminem has 1 or 2 good songs but rock has 9999999 times as many better songs
Owenmon7 years ago
The phrase "rock and roll" has been taken over by Disney pop-stars. Now, I refer it to "Classic Rock". Indie rock, and metal is great too.
By the way, rap = crap (Hehe, I've been waiting to use that one =P)
knexfreak95 (author)  Owenmon7 years ago
 WINNER (even tho this isn't a contest)
Doctor What7 years ago
Well, considering neither of those two are the "best" music out there, in a chose the winner between two loser situation, I would go with rock.
ReCreate8 years ago
I'd say rock. Though there is a point that I don't like either. :3
rock, no reason needed
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