nerf or airsoft

ok so this is kinda hard but  airsoft has much more detail and it does hurt more. i have to go with modded nerf guns only because you can customize it and make it an airsoft gun. well plz answer if you havn't and change your answer if you have.

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Aron3135 years ago
What? Knex shoots projectiles?
nfk11 (author)  Aron3135 years ago
yeah and airsoft shoots BB's witch hurts
Aron313 nfk115 years ago
What does knex shoot? Check out my AIRSOFT instructables!
kelseymh6 years ago
Do?we have to type!it with missingspaces or punctuation;
nfk11 (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
that's not how i did it .
kelseymh nfk116 years ago
"whats better.knex or AIRSOFT!"
"mine would be AIRSOFT!(you have to type it like i did)"
I believe I need to recalibrate the scale of my curmudgeonliness meter. You use to only register in millikelsies but there seems to be an exponential shift to gigakelsies. You must be going through the terrible twos or threes...
Curmudgeonly? I didn't correct his ignorance. I just quoted his own post when he claimed he didn't mess it up. If he can't figure out for himself, that's not my problem.
nfk11 (author)  kelseymh6 years ago
kelseymh nfk116 years ago
This is a public forum. Since you can read it, clearly it's in front of you (unless you have eyes growing out of your cerebellum).

One might also ask in response, WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING? Please, use your inside voice.
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