whats the best way to open a laptop's ac adapter?

I have a Compaq v2000 laptop with a faulty lead inside the AC adapter's strain relief. I want to cut the cable and resolder it inside the adapter, but I need to get it open... it appears to be heat sealed (no visible screws, but a recessed plastic seam) what is the best way to open it up? btw, I'm quite comfortable working with large capacitors, before you ask. help?

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PeteH52 years ago

hammer will only break circuit board inside before you get it open. Best way is to pry it open carefully. You must use force and patience, spread box open.

ajorj8 years ago
I'm about to try the hammer method I found here :


search for "How repair Hp adapter"

I hope to confirm it works :)
PKM9 years ago
Check the flat sides- often these things use screws but they want to hide them because it's not "user serviceable" so they cover them with the rubber "feet". If it has little flat rubber feet on the bottom, if you peel them off there's a 50% chance there are actually a couple of small Phillips screws under them. If not... "percussive disassembly" :)
wingman358 PKM8 years ago
I've found several screws hidden under adhesive rubber feet. I've also found them under labels / stickers. Alas, it's hammer time (I have a few AC adapters waiting to be repaired).
guyfrom7up9 years ago
well: with cheap walwarts you can just hit it with a hammer allong the seams a couple times and it loosens the glue and it opens right up. I think what you may have to do is go over the seam with a hobby knife a bunch of times, it's a pain. Combination of cutting and prying. DO NOT attempt using a heat gun to melt the glue, bad idea, i know from expierence. Last time i take advice like that from the internet...
lol. dare i ask?
well, I needed to open up a psp battery, and the Internet suggested using a heat gun... Let's just say something exploded...
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gschoppe (author) 9 years ago
I got it after a bit of effort... It was just glue, but it was REALLY strong glue... I squeezed it in a bench vice with the long seamed edges being pressed against, until I heard some of the glue go, then i used a chisel to force the crack on a weak point, and worked from there. to get it back together, I used super glue (krazy glue brand) and liquid electrical (vulcanized) tape. works like a dream.
good for you!