whats the fastest web browser on windows

i want to know what u think is the fastest and best web browser on windows.

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yourcat9 years ago
Chrome. Yeah, it's not that great yet, but it is fast, and when they really get it debugged, it's gonna be great.
bumpus9 years ago
It depends what your doing on the web, and also on your internet connection.. You better be using FireFox 3
REA bumpus9 years ago
im an FF3 user. anything but IE!
bumpus REA9 years ago
Correction: Anything but IE, Opera, Netscape, Safari, etc. *
Lftndbt bumpus9 years ago
Nah ah!! Opera rules!!
bumpus Lftndbt9 years ago
Opera is okay when Firefox isn't opening...

which is never!
REA bumpus9 years ago
IE7 is the linux of the internet!
bumpus REA9 years ago
REA is the IE of the internet...
REA bumpus9 years ago
it connects you to the internet, so, ya.
REA bumpus9 years ago
safari is ok. not something to use alot though.
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