Should i post an instructable on how to wheelie, bunnyhop ,stall etc

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sharlston8 years ago
yes please
to wheelie, pull your front end up in a jerking motion, at the same time pedal really hard to try and help your front end get up. then lean back and try to find your balance point, if you start to fall backwards, pull your back break. if you start to fall forward, lean back and pedal harder.
bunnyhops are simple but hard to learn. practice by going over speed bumps, when your front tire hits the bump, pull your front end up and throw your body back. then throw your body forward to level out the bike. its hard at first, but once u get the hang of it it seems like nothing. i can bunnyhop about 1 foot and a half right now.
sure, the last on i did on my Redline i popped the tire/inner tube, and bent the rem almost completely in half and messed up the handle bars, man that hurt when i fell too
kiwi_soccer_maniac (author) 10 years ago
No way ! Please join and i discovered i might be able to use video
KentsOkay10 years ago
Yah, good pics would make it worth while. Does the term Kiwi in your name mean your from NZ?
kiwi_soccer_maniac (author)  KentsOkay10 years ago
yes it does and i also like soccer(football now)
where are you from it cant be amereica can it, if you post comments at 6am?
wait your a POM! not meant offensively just easier to type than from England
What's a POM? If had checked my page, you'd have seen I'm from Texas. Not all Americans are bone idle, I get up in the morning to get everything cleared away for the day. How is it in NZ? I always have wanted to move their, especially once I found out that Haley Westenra is from there.
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