where to get Strike anywhere matches

their are tons of instructables with strike any where matches, but i dont have any!!! and i cant find a store that sells them! iv tried a hobby store which mostly sells boyscout/ camping stuff they have water proof matches but not strike any were matches iv tried sporting good stores with a second level devoted to camping fishing and hunting but they still dont sell strike any where matches.
so-dose any one know where to get strike any where matches in the US

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jm47381 year ago

Hello, all. I would like to be able to buy matches that actually do strike anywhere, but as of yet, have had no luck in locating any. I have easy access to the Diamond Brand 'Strike Anywhere' matches, and I own many boxes of them. Testing of several matches from each box indicates they are mostly useless as they normally fail to strike on any surface, even on the striking surface provided on the box. I am old enough to remember the real 'Strike Anywhere' match. You could strike them on taught denim material (Jeans), with your fingernail, or on a zipper.
The Diamond brand of 'Strike Anywhere' usually won't, even when tried on the box! If Diamond Brand 'Strike Anywhere' matches are all you have during an emergency I suggest you learn how to make fire from rubbing two sticks together,,, and not the Diamond brand sticks. It should be illegal for Diamond to market a product that will not perform to their own advertised claims.

rtucker33 years ago
Hope the pic is right!
FIRE_BUG227 years ago
can you get um in australia
Even if you can't here is a cool instructional to making your own using safety (put simply the regular) matches. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ4Tkfmzb6A

save your money, spend your time :)
This one is still up... http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Yi5vq-YVqrs&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DYi5vq-YVqrs
"...This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on depiction of harmful activities. Sorry about that."

Bummer, that seemed like a sort of interesting project.
msteez3 years ago
Amazon. Just got a box of the Penley brand for $4.95 with free shipping.
Bimart sells both diamond and penly brands. I highly recommend the Penley matches. they are within an inch of foolproof. which reminds me, I need to head over there tonight to replenish my own supply. here's a web page with search results for "matches":
foobaz utne5 years ago
Interesting thread. I was hoping to find an alternative to the horrible Diamond red tips. The only possibly better alternative I found is PENLEY brand made in Chile. Sold on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/PENLEY-STRIKE-ANYWHERE-MATCHES-WATERPROOF-/180686968333?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a11c8560d . There is some interesting information there about Diamond brand, especially the newer green tips--don't buy them--and how Penley brand is superior. For now anyway. They may be dumbed down shortly by the manufacturer who bought them out. This guy has the good ones for sale. I have not bought them yet but I think I will try them. They cost more than Diamonds but may be worth it.
kennbriscoe5 years ago
cabelas has sam's
Snibbors6 years ago
As others have said, there's way to get them but then again, $7 when regular matches are $1? Here, if you need to be able to strike them, carry around the strike side of a small box. Perhaps place it in your condom pocket of jeans. It's easy, and makes you a ton safer.
peaceamidst6 years ago
I live in peoria, Arizona, and I just went to albertsons and bought some. They had the kitchen ones and the penny ones. They were only 99 cents, and yes they are strike anywheres. I found them by the paper plates and plastic cutlery.
kjdkyle16 years ago
strike anywhere matches are the ones with the red and white tip
Best Prices on Diamond Strike Anywhere matches<br /><a href="http://www.combattactical.com/diamond-strike-anywhere-matches-10pk-p-20687.html">http://www.combattactical.com/diamond-strike-anywhere-matches-10pk-p-20687.html</a><br />
you can get ANYTHING on the internet.
but WILL it get through customs?
MurrayC8837 years ago
I live in Tampa, FL and i just purchased some this week at Publix by USF. I believe you can also purchase these from diamond's website. If you wish not to purchase online, I suggest emailing Diamond and requesting the names of the closest vendor in your area. By the way Spring is here so that means BBQ's and Memorial weekend is only a couple of day away.
how bout Vegas?
blue7418 years ago
try www.EverestGear.com

specifically: http://store.everestgear.com/eqdia101.html

goalkeeper8 years ago
please reply.can you get them in scotland or italy?
Swift and swan matches are both strike anywhere, all spars carry swift and most co-ops and spars carry swans aswell, cooks kitchen matches are not strike anywhere, avoid them...
i dont see why couldnt. try a hardware store or grocery (sp) store. i never been to scotland or italy.
Doctor What8 years ago
ledzep5678 years ago
i get them at the food lion...(grocery store)
Strike-anywhere matches are considered a HazMat item and are prohibited (from shipment or even from purchase) in many states. You can find less-effective versions of them in many camping/outdoors sections, but for outrageous prices. You can still buy the real thing in NY and New England states (try Aubuchon Hardware chain). In OH, you can get them from Lehman's store (the product is not listed in the online catalog). Don't know about other areas of the country. Some sellers carry them as an in-store-purchase-only item. Some places will ship them but are required to charge a mandatory HazMat shipping fee.
A quick Goggle search reveals many online resources for the "strike anywhere matches, as well as many complaints as to the inferior quality of Diamond's strike anywhere matches. Safety issues have just about killed them off, OSHA and Political correctness is a terrible thing. One finds them at www.everestgear.com in Ohio and they list them for $6.99 with this instruction: 32 wooden Domino strike anywhere stick matches per box. 10 boxes of 32 matches, now included in this price. NOTE PLEASE PLACE AS AS A SEPARATE ORDER, DO NOT ORDER WITH OTHER ITEMS. THESE MUST SHIP GROUND. NO OVERNIGHT OR PO BOX SHIPMENTS ALLOWED.
i make shooting things (author) 8 years ago
I final found them at Harris teeter thanks through.
JJrulz8 years ago
i am having the exact same problem. does any one know if they have these in australia?? or is it just an american thing
walmart dose
whats a publix?
a super maket i buy allll my matchs the they have paper matchs stick matchs strike anywhere matchs gaint mactes extra long matches and lighters and charcoal
ohh, their not in my area but thanks ne way
i make shooting things (author) 9 years ago
Would a BBQ store have them?
KentsOkay9 years ago
Viva La! Diamond Kitchen Sized Strike Anywhere Matches! (actually I despise the French). I get mine from Albertson's (grocery store), next to the charcol. Always buy Diamond, they are gods amongst matches.
Oops, I mean Italians.
It's okay. We all hate the french.
Well, not all of us. At least not since it became cool to do so.
I must totally agree with you there.
In the words of the Middle East: FOCF!(Fall Off Camel Funny)
. Wow! That brings back some memories. My Grandmother used to keep a big box of those in the kitchen to light the oven/stove.
Like I said, they aren't the gods of matches for no reason.
No wonder, there American made!
ll.139 years ago
If you try a General Store, obviously if your in town you'd need to bike out of town, they will usually have different kinds of matches, the only strike anywhere matches I know of are Scottish Bluebell that are made in Sweden. Also to tel lif they are strike anywhere the striker pad should have a bit of sandpaper on not any smooth kind of surface. ;)
LasVegas9 years ago
Go to the grocery store. They're normally called "Safety Matches" and the most common and reliable are made by Diamond.
I though 'safety' matches were supposed to be safe because they wouldn't 'strike anywhere'?

The term "Safety Match" came when they developed matches without white phosphorus. They were "safe" in that they didn't self ignite because of heat or jostling. It's only recent that "strike anywhere" became a different category.
Yes, that seems familiar to me, I do now remember reading that somewhere. However, that knowledge has been replaced by (newer) safety matches which will only strike on the box. And you cannot make bangers with them no matter how hard you try... L
Yup, the type of safety matches that is sold at the nearest grocery store from where I live cannot even ignite if you tried rubbing them against sandpaper as hard as you can. They only ignite when you strike them on the matchbox or book its self. (If I recall correctly, those stike surfaces are composed of red phosphorus and powdered glass.)
. Yeppers. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Match
. I've got a small Diamond (Minneapolis, MN) box in front of me that says STRIKE ON BOX MATCHES, which I think is the new, PC term ("How can any match be safe?").
Iv looked a Giant but the only brand they sell are Giant brand witch are total crap.
kakattack9 years ago
I just go to walmart
k thanks ill try there
LasVegas9 years ago
When I was a kid, we used to prepare the Diamond matches for camping by dipping the tips into petroleum wax. This didn't effect the use of the matches except by making them water proof.
zero09289 years ago
im from canada and i found em in ym local verity store pretty fun to play with!:P
zieak9 years ago
I seem to recall having a hard time finding true strike anywhere matches on the east coast in some states (Pennsylvania). If you look around in a grocery store where the charcoal briquettes are you might find them. Strike anywhere matches have two colors on the tip usually.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. According to http://www.emergencyresources.com/er_p11.html , they are still available. You should be able to find them locally. I'm very surprised that your local outdoor store doesn't have them. It may be a behind-the-counter deal and you have to ask for them.
. BTW, that's not a recommendation for EmergencyResources.com, that's just the first thing I found.
lemonie9 years ago
Wow, I don't have a problem, Swan Vestas, Cook's matches, England's Glory... (all of which seem to be Bryant & May brands)