which airsoft gun should i get??

i dont know which gun to stuck between the crosman m70 and the crosman thinkin the r71 because of better fps.if there are an mods for either of them i would like to know before i buy.could anyone help me?

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Aron3133 years ago
NE patsrock3 years ago
get a good 50 dollar shotgun they r really cool you can almost buy them anywhere but the bad thing is that it needs a scope cause its kinda confusing in a war
jack6915 years ago
get the mossberg m590 shot gun it hold abut 200 bbs it can be mod to put a strap on it and it has a pistol grip and has a rall that u could put a scoop or flash ligt or laser on it and a hop up syesom
ty.nceo6 years ago
If you want a good gun get a sytema, used to train the military, but if you are on a budget get a good AEG like a GG or JG. They are both good brands but A&Ks are really good if you look on airsoftgi. I would recommend an all metal one too.
get the Aftermath orphus socom from its in the airsoft section
you defiantly want the Aftermath Orphus, it is a nice gun for a good price.
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oops posted incomplete comment. I was going to ask, do you have a budget? Which side of the country are you at? West US go to If in the East US go to these are my 2 favorite places to buy
guy14796 years ago
Personally I wouldn't get either one. Crosman sucks. Ive learned fom experience. Especially dont get mini electrics. They are a $20 dollar ripoff. If you want to get a good gun for about $80 dollars then get a JG. I prefer their mp5 line. Even if you still want a Crosman, get the r72 or r74.
pulse r72
JG mp5 a4
JG mp5 sd5
and if you wanna pay a little more than that, get a
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Molybdenum6 years ago
You Really should do research you self, but since I have fun doing this ill homer you. Since you play in woods and fields, a longer weapon such as an m14 or longer model of AK would be acceptable unless you plan on moving alto and/or quickly. Woods games are also often at a longer range for a longer time, so its fine ( in fact, I'd recommend) to sacrifice rate of fire for FPS. If you are a left you sold look for a weapon that has an ambidextrous mug release and safety. Also note that barrel length only helps to a certain point, so don't sacrifice anything for 4-5 inches.
megapun13 (author) 6 years ago
i play in woods and fields
Are you a War-simulation Airsofter or a Backyard Airsofter? Your gun choice seems to suggest the latter. I'd recomend the FirePower Interrogator if you are a War Simulator. You need to be more specific in you stats if you want me to give you a suggestion, what FPS exactly?

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