which do you think is best

just want to know which you think is best my m82 or my new slingshot rifle

sling shot rifle 1,2,3,4 100 -150 range
m82 5,6,7,8,9 40 -45

please comment rate subscribe thanks =)

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travw8 years ago
Neither. Sorry.
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
At least explain to him why....
travw DJ Radio8 years ago
Ok, they're's nothing about either that makes them good in my opinion. Sorry... Again.
I only said that because DJ told me to.
DJ Radio travw8 years ago
Does it have good power and range? It is awesome if the answer is yes. Is it reliable? It is good if the answer is yes.
travw DJ Radio8 years ago
That's why I said it's my opinion!
Just as that is your opinion.
QUICK RESPONSE!!!11!!!!one!!111! Lol.
killa998 years ago
m82 = win
NYPA8 years ago
M82. I always had a liking in the range of of a sling, but not the general "coolness".
knex mad (author) 8 years ago
sorry i dont have the m82 that was ages ago but im thinking about the sling shot but theres not a lot of intrest in the slingshot so i dont know probably will tho
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