which gun do you want?

ok, after i post the AR-4 Commando v2, i also have plans for 2 more guns. however, i only have enough parts and time for one. thats why i want you to vote. you can vote for either:

-Mamba 12-G shotgun with new removable clip mechanism (4 votes)
-HS-90 full auto rod shooter rifle (4 vote)


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yerjoking9 years ago
Mamba shotgun, may I ask what mech you will be using?
DJ Radio (author)  yerjoking9 years ago
first of all to clarify, the new mech is for the removable clip, it has nothing to do with the firing system or the trigger. i bet you could build it, as it is simple, so it is top-secret
I was talking about both, will there be a new mech for firing more than one bullet? Or was it just for the mag?
DJ Radio (author)  yerjoking9 years ago
oh, the shotgun uses a new removable clip where you can remove and replace the clip like on a real gun- just insert it part way, then hit the bottom to lock it in place. for the new mech for full-auto- it shoots rods, at a possibly fast rate, needs no chain or huge wheel.................. not bakenbitz's mech either. but a word of warning- you need a red knex gear to complete the mech, most knexers should have one of those- i have 4
Does the shotty fire multiple bullets or just one?
DJ Radio (author)  yerjoking9 years ago
one at a time
then wouldn't it be a pump action rifle? i vote for full auto then :P
DJ Radio (author)  Katarukito9 years ago
no, it does not have a pump
oh then why are you saying its a shotgun
DJ Radio (author)  Katarukito9 years ago
dunno, in the game the gun was a shotgun..............
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