which potentiometer to use for time lapse motor

I was looking at a camera slider and this motor for a time lapse slider:
I read somewhere online that someone used a rotisserie motor and hooked it up to a camera slider for a time lapse of about 40 minutes, but if I wanted to make the motor move even slower for a longer time lapse, can I hook up a potentiometer somewhere in the rotisserie motor? If so, what type of potentiometer should I get? Would this work:

Use a little adjustable voltage regulator, like the L200. Using a pot stops the motor working properly.

Better still, gear the rotisserie motor down with belts and pulleys.
dylanp1936 (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago
Would this work?
Probably not well. What voltage is the rotisserie motor ?
dylanp1936 (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago
the motor is 3 volts, and some of the reviews said it only works at 12 volts. Can you link to the L200, I can't seem to find is anywhere.