which side are you on? PSP Go vs. 3000 vs. 2000 vs. 1000

Which psp version do you like better? PSPgo (the sliding PSP), 3000(slim & lite), 2000 (slim), or 1000(phat)? leave a comment saying what your dislikes and likes are of the psp you choose.

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Tombini8 years ago
2000 all the way, can still be hacked and is lighter with twice the ram of the Phat
false they didn't double the RAM until 3000 series
Look at the model table http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PSP_2000#PSP-2000 QED
You're right Tombini I was misinformed in the first place then
DJ Radio7 years ago
PSP go sucks.  The PSP 3000 is the best.  First of all, the PSP go is download only, no UMD's.  Then the analog stick on it is rather misplaced.  Finally the go is overpriced.  The PSP 3000 has features that its predecessors don't have.  So there you have it.
the PSP 3000 can't be used as an IR-Remote.
Who the hell uses a game console as an IR Remote?  What the heck does an IR Remote do anyways?
you can control traffic lights with it although it highly illegal and almost as dangerous as it is illegal
From what range and how?
you can use it as a universal remote, you know like for your TV or other peoples...hehehe
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