who do you think builds the best knex guns?

i always wanted to see who every one thinks builds the best knex guns. thats why i made this topic.

Picture of who do you think builds the best knex guns?
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iKill9 years ago
dutchwarlord, katukito, dsman, iron man exc.
clayo9 years ago
the dunkis the dunkis rules best knexer ever
TheDunkis clayo9 years ago
lol that's because I'm the only knexer you know man...
MI69 years ago
I would recommend Perfect Duck, Oodalumps, I_Am_Canadian, Mykhailo, the dunkis, killerk and mepain .
DJ Radio9 years ago
killerk, mepain, dsman, mikhalio, the dunkis...
Perfect duck.
adamsdead10 years ago
Because I know I don't I would have to say either Mepain oodalumps or You (not you as in you t-man (no offence) I mean You as in th- oh forget it.
T-man (author)  adamsdead10 years ago
i know what you mean
adr99010 years ago
I made own (full 100% by my self)
And explain how to made him!
I think that I make the best knex guns.
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