who here, write music/songs

does anyone here write music or songs?

i write song lyrics even though i can't read music or play an instrument to save my own life.
what do you think was the best "piece" or song you wrote?
any posts on this topic welcome :D

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Hi guys!

I compose and play music too. In fact, I have absolutely no formal training in music. My dream is to become a successful musician/songwriter someday.

I love all things DIY. With this spirit, a few good friends and I compose, record, produce and promote our own music all from our humble studio. 100% DIY!

We recently released some of our original songs online. Feel free to check out them out at:


Really hope you will like the songs :)

WhiteTech5 years ago
Im heavily into music, I write as much as I can, which is a bit funny because I don't have a single completed one. I have about 80 billion +1, halves, 3/4s, intros, and loose ideas but can't just get a single one done.

Find a guitar, look at a few chord charts and you can play, No need to read music for basic guitar, when it says "G" you play a G chord ;)
that's exactly why i like guitar.
Yeah, I learned to strum Home Home on the Range within 15 minutes of getting my first lesson, but my fingers are a bit short and not suited for some chords :- ) I gave it up.
AussieAnglerGal (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
wow thats impressive! yes i'm just not good enough but i should try harder :D
Not so impressive, tis 3 chords, and one of them is used only occassoinally :-) It's like strum strum strum (6 times) (change cord) strum strum strum, strum strum (change cord).....etc. The "course" I had bought through the mail guarranteed I could play a song in 15 minutes.....and it was true; though a very SIMPLE song and only the cords that changed only occassionally :-)
shadowfeet5 years ago
I'd love to see some of your songs. :) If you'll share. I don't write many songs myself, but I do play other peoples songs. It might be cool if we collab-ed :)
AussieAnglerGal (author)  shadowfeet5 years ago
sure i'll post some later :D
sorry, i'm not familiar wit the term "collab-ed"? what does it mean?

unfortunatly i've tried many times to start a band but its hard to get long-distance musicians to stick around!
Like collaborate. You write words I put it to music. Of course I'm not always the greatest at making catchy tunes. But I could try.

AussieAnglerGal (author)  shadowfeet5 years ago
Oh of course! LOL
hey thats a great idea! id love to do that, it would be great :D
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