who likes cheese

i like cheese do u

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Sweet Dreams are made of Cheese . . . lol

bbchoke2 years ago

I like cheese, who don't?

Cecilia A2 years ago

I love cheese :-)

starforest2 years ago

I really like cheese!

Mattimann2 years ago

I love mozzarella cheese!

vrao49923 years ago

I like cheese because it is high protein and provides calcium to our bones and very tasty!

scamp33 years ago

I love fresh curds

vanesavis184 years ago
Yeah i like it most in raw form.
YES! Coming from Switzerland I love cheese in any taste and form!
karalalala4 years ago
Cheese is one of my top 5 reasons for being alive. Not even exaggerating here. It's like.. the best. I'm getting emotional thinking about it.
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