who likes dragonforce....nobody likes buckethead.

who likes dragonforce, if not, what band do you like, rap? rock?

Picture of who likes dragonforce....nobody likes buckethead.
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REA9 years ago
ok, the pic makes no sence...
Kiteman REA9 years ago
The whole thread makes no sense.

I thought Dragonforce was a Power Rangers franchise...
REA Kiteman9 years ago
its an American speed metal (?) band that only got famous because of Guitar Hero 3.
Where does the American part come in? (other than the fact that they play in America)
Kiteman REA9 years ago
...I'm not really any wiser. I've never knowingly listened to "speed metal" (Pinky and Perky spring to mind, but I'm old), but I do know that Guitar Hero is a game. I played it. Once. At a friend's house.
... What kind of music do you listen too kiteman? ( i like very much no no nechi, you know, ding dong, ding dong ding, dig tkk dong tokk... a few Americans/ Kazakhstanians will get that )
In my car at the moment is Led Zep, I'm waiting for a Dublinners CD in the post, and I have a CD of baroque recorder music in the player in my classroom, with an Animals CD propped up next to it. I think that's what they call "eclectic tastes".
Led Zep ownz! Classic rock IMHO is far superior to any modern wannabe or rap...
So true. I love Hendrix. (Dead Prez and Immortal Techniqe for the newer stuff)
Aye, not bad, heard 'em once or twice...
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