who loves the knex sayer

right I always thought that the knex sayer was all looks and rubbish but I got some more knex off ebay so I decided to make it it took like 3 hours and my fingers hurt but I finished and its awesome if you haven't built the knex sayer you need to at some point in you life its top and i added allot of rubberbands to it and then I got it like 70 feet and just warning people if your building it it hurts your fingers like hell but its all worth it in the end when you have this beast

any way I was wondering who else has one and who thinks it rocks

heres the link if you want to build it


here is a pic of mine

Picture of who loves the knex sayer
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i've rebuild last week.
and i didn't wanted to destroy my other guns so i used three black rods (one for the ram, one for the turret and one for the pump) and it performs really good.
No problem! Glad to help.
Yes you need the black rods. I don't remember because its been 2 years since I've made this, but there might be 1 or 2 that can use regular gray rods. All knex guns work better if you use black rods. Look through the instructions and see what you find.
Nope. All black rods are required.
Ok thanks, I couldn't remember. It's been so long since I've built it.
It's been a while for me too. 1 and a half years.
I think the question is "Who doesn't like the knexsayer".
An Villain7 years ago
More accurately, who doesn't love the knexsayer.
DJ Radio8 years ago
Nevermind, I fixed it.
~KGB~ DJ Radio8 years ago
can you show me pics on the pin guide, in case it doesnt work?
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