who thinks pepsi tastes like coke opened after a day?

who thinks pepsi tastes like coke opened after a day? i think thats what pepsi tastes like . you can just pour day old coke in a pepsi can and call it pepsi. no offence

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jkelly353 years ago
Maybe it may where it is bottled the two liter bottle of pepsi seems like it is missing
flavor , compare it coming from two liter bottle , 12 oz can and from fast food
with no ice . try it yourself , their was a time RC cola was the best
but now it is owned by pepsi corp and has lost flavor also
now I Buy Safeway generic Cola for Half the price
suayres6 years ago
I'm a Pepsi fan (tho I don't drink ANY soft drinks any more. Sigh.), so I would think the reverse is true. Coke tastes like watered-down Pepsi to me!
Goodhart6 years ago
On a good day, any cola will taste like some cough medicine with too much sugar in it :-)
Somebody should've made a Pepsi Smoothie! ;-)))
No kidding! That's why I doctor it up with Rum! ;-)
Hmm, seems like that would make the Rum taste worse .....unless you don't like the taste of Rum either ;-)
lemonie6 years ago

Both taste nasty warm & flat.

Many a time I had to take a tablespoon of "coke syrup" when I had a cold as a youngin......I don't see that in the pharmacies anymore. . .

What was it then?

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