who voted for who

obama won!!! who voted who for who

Picture of who voted for who
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Plasmana8 years ago
I have not voted, and don't really care, what is the main difference between those two guys?
you cant vote, you are in the UK. and the main difference is obvious- one is black, one is white.
Yeah, yeah, I know that.... :-) I mean their personalities?
FaqMan Plasmana8 years ago
Mccain is similar to bush who hungered for power and war but said to use green energy but stated the economy was fine. Obama said he would try to bring peace to the current war and bring the economy up. Those of what the said but Obama is more a people person than Mccain.
Plasmana FaqMan8 years ago
Ahh, then I would go for Obama, the war on Iraq is getting crazy, the Iraqians are innocent people, the have no mass destruction weapon, it is just something (I think) Bush made up.
...All that he did was say the good things about 1 person and bad things about the other...-_-
FaqMan Plasmana8 years ago
Exactly true it was what bush made up
Plasmana FaqMan8 years ago
I have one big question: Why does Bush want a war against the Iraqians and not other weaker countries? There is some funny business going on behind Bush and the governments...
No, no! The main difference is the ears -- one can fly, and the other one had the sides of his head sandpapered!
goeon (author)  kelseymh8 years ago
which one can fly ??? :D lol
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