whos better

whose better?boba fett or jango fett.

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monsterlego6 years ago
Boba fett, he got eaten by this huge sand thing (sarlark) and survived. Duh
nfk11 (author) 7 years ago
one,he dosent get shot inthe head by a blind guy and 2 you should read one of the books.
first. if you want to reply to someone, go ahead and press the reply button on the post they made.

second, i didn't say anyone got shot in the head. i said that bobba fett get's shot by Han Solo (who is at the time, quite blind) and falls directly into the mouth of the Sarlacc.

if you want to say that never happened in any of the books, well, i'll call that irrelevant, because you can't separate the movies from the SW universe. so, it happened
Goodhart7 years ago
Better how? I wouldn't want either of them in my soup...
crapflinger7 years ago
anyone consider that neither of them ever really did anything but die in any of the movies?

bobba fett walks in and says "hey, i caught this guy....want him?" and then get's shot into a giant sand worm's mouth by a blind guy...
nfk11 (author) 7 years ago
look peopleboba dosent die.
beanz557 years ago
i personaly think jango was better he had to have kill hmmm mabey 2 jedi and he took on mace windu and obiwan so probably bjango fett is bettet
lemonie7 years ago
Who is.
It has to be the father as he was in the good movies.

IMO, the old ones were the good ones...
Sorry, that was obviously a sarcasm-failure.

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