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a lot of forums seem to have a bar that lists who's online. is there any chance instructables may be getting one? it would eliminate the long half hours when people sit in front of their computers waiting for a reply that not coming. any chance?

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Brennn109 years ago
I like the uniqueness of this forum. I wouldn't like it to turn in to a conventional forum we see on most sites. I love going away from my computer, then coming back to see the comments I get.
tech-king (author)  Brennn109 years ago
i hate spending 20 min hitting refresh and waiting for a comment when no-ones online! i doubt adding a bar telling you whos on will ruin that
But that's why we get emails when there's a new comment! <3 GMail Notifier
Is there a notifier for yahoo mail?
dunno, sorry
No problem. I looked every were but looks like there isn't one.
Yea you are right. I guess it is an idea to take up with the Instructables staff.
Mine would be on all the time.
Heh, I have no life Actually, you do have a life. you're filming a documentary, remember? SHUT UP YOU!

No one ask why I said that. /\
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Why did yeah say that?
ll.13 KentsOkay9 years ago
Why did yeah say that?

Why did you say that?
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