whos the hater?

it seems every instructable i go onto now has like 1 person liking it and the rating is still zero from this i have learned that someone is probly hating all the instructables on another account other than thier main file and gives every instructable a negitave rating exepct thier own. now who do you think would do something like that?

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lemonie10 years ago
On the subject of ratings, this may be of interest:

gmoon10 years ago
Interesting....same behavior--

After adding this to my favorites:

The rating went from zero to...zero. Minus sign disappears from 'rating' line, but no change in rating. Checked an hour later (with refresh), no change.

Yet, I appear as an entry in 'they like it,' so it's not a database update lag...

(firefox V
gmoon gmoon10 years ago
Well, now rating IS one. Maybe there is a database lag...strange that the script would recognize a database change in one part of the page, but not another...
ich bin ein pyro (author)  gmoon10 years ago
maybe the person onlynegitavly rates instructables that might have a chance at the laser cutting contest idk he must be pretty smart
You might be right. The Eggcellent Night Light! instructable, a nice little project:
( https://www.instructables.com/id/EOSNXVIF1U9XQVC/ )
has 6 'they like it's, but only a "2" rating. It's not a perfect project, but certainly not worth downgrading (vegan chicken embryo haters?).

If the contest really has a bearing on this, well...that's pathetic. And futile--someone will post a really killer project, and the rating high will remain high...
westfw10 years ago
I don't give many things a PLUS rating, but I'll hardly ever give an instructable a negative rating. There do seem to be a lot of people willing to give the negative rating; looks like this is partially because being politically incorrect will get you dinged even for otherwise good instructables. (Look at the Mouse Mouse: 250k+ views, several thousand people who liked it, and an overall rating of "17"...)
Punkguyta westfw10 years ago
Very good point. The whole world can be a giant slobbering hypocrit at times. So many posts on that instructable about how cruel and mean it is to do that to an animal, which infact exists in numbers higher than the human species which was thought to be dominant. Yet, I asked each one of them, *clears throat* "...Then why the F*** are you looking at the instructable dear child?!?".
gmoon Punkguyta10 years ago
Given human nature, a 'minus' (neg rating) is probably irresistible to some....You get the bad with the good. I'd love it if they added a 'They Hate It' box, so down-raters would be listed, too. It's not an 'anonymous' voting process anyway, if you list 'yeas.'
gmoon10 years ago
Might there be bugs involved here? On more than one occasion I've hit the ol' plus sign, and the rating didn't change. The 'minus' disappears, but no other changes... I don't really believe someone else hit the '-' at precisely the same time. No as it's happened more than once...
ich bin ein pyro (author)  gmoon10 years ago
well you have to refresh the page before you see the addition
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