I really don't understand why guys get so weird about girls liking the same things they do.....i mean Im a girl and i enjoy video games and things like that ( which i guess is weird) and yeah so what do you guys think about that?...it just bothers me i guess that some things are only seen as guys activities and only they can do them......and its not like im only into guys stuff...im not a tomboy i swear i like to shop...lol..OHHH and i have a psp which i guess is weird....wow im done

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dsman19527610 years ago
i thought you were a 39 year old man?
kaseyraex3 (author)  dsman19527610 years ago
a 39 year old man that lives in my mothers basement with a beer belly and bad breath...to be exact...lol...yeah not really....i am 16 and a girl :)
My word! Did not ye fail to inform ones self of the subject?!
tech-king10 years ago
if you find a girl who's idea of fun is spending over an hour in an electronic parts store, PLEASE pm me
kaseyraex3 (author)  tech-king10 years ago
i don't think there are any girl willing to do that
How would you know this?
narrator: the engineers hope of finding a soulemate diminished rapidly
cue sobbing. the song "im so lonly cuts" in. engineer goes to goldmine electronics web page to make himself feel better
kaseyraex3 (author)  tech-king10 years ago
thanks for the sympathy :-)
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