why aren't there any "real' rubber band guns here?

why aren't there any "real' rubber band guns here? theres just knex guns.

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K since everybody seems to hate legs and connects................ TRY MY AWSOME Wooden rubber band guns. I made a pistol and a semi/full auto machine gun. Better than those huh?
REA7 years ago
the instructibles are split into good (LEGO) and evil (Knex) therefore ther will only be knex guns and lego guns. hope i helped you there.
Der Bradly REA7 years ago
Hey! knex are not evil... i think they are better than building with bricks
REA Der Bradly7 years ago
Blocks that interlock and can withstand a car running over it and K'nex have fragile sticks that can break in half. but I digress.
Der Bradly REA7 years ago
legos are only good for building houses and stuff
REA Der Bradly7 years ago
oh, you would be suprised what legos are capable of. i feel like making a rubber band gun with both legos and k'nex!!!!!
Der Bradly REA7 years ago
legos are good for certain things, but i prefer K'nex for guns
They are too different things entirely. The only thing they have in common is that they are both building tools. They each have strengths and weaknesses. In fact how about we make a knex+lego gun using the knex bricks for once so we can combine each of their strengths.
i hate the knex bricks!!!
i agree with you on hating knex bricks, but not on knex as a whole being bad, on durability they aren't good, but they are much more versitile in their creative potential. you can create a gun out of knex much quicker, easier, less piece consuming and are easier to handle. lego as a franchise is positively one of the biggest building toy companies in the world, they also branch out with ideas that are novel, fun, and their products, such as bionicle, technic, etc. are playgrounds that embody what knex can't, like in bionicle, you can make characters of you're own that move, and can be reused to make other characters of you're making, basically the ultimate action figure. to sum it up, knex and lego are seperate each broaching areas that the other can't.
REA GeekBeam6 years ago
im just going to ignore that paragraph and say one thing: someone needs to make K'nex and Legos able to connect with each other!
GeekBeam REA6 years ago
that was what knex was trying to do with their knex bricks.
bylerfamily7 years ago
Skaptor7 years ago
i supose for what the hel1 do you want a rbg i mean they just go like 5 feet your nerf guns go like 1000 feet i mean if you say knex guns go 10 feet a rubberband gun will go 5 feet
josefu08 years ago
i need help finding a knex gun that shoots rubber bands. man
Rishnai8 years ago
Do you mean the kind where you have a wooden block on the shape of a gun, with a notch on the tip and a clothespin mounted where the hammer would be? Or something a little more... brutal?
What do you even use to make a rubber band gun?
there are many components to a good ruber band gun first you must make a good triger system that is highley efficent then it must have a barel that is adjustable by changing a rod or two then it must be comfortable, also it has to be sturdy so it wont break under pressure like my spectre m4 which im working on making its instructable
No, I mean what does one look like?
i posted my first one on this group and im making this one into an instructable
Oh I thought you guys ment rubber band guns without using k'nex.
i have no idea what they ment either so i thought they just ment with knex sorry i misunderstood you
Oh it's OK I was just wondering if there was another way of doing it without k'nex or legos
well you could if you remodled every knex peice out of wood :-) but thats highley un-practical and i just finished my spectre m4 look for it under rbg in the search bar :-)
lol Yeah, that would be hard. Ok I'll look.
hey bannana inventor look at my forum with sly cooper and tell me if i should post
oh i get it your welcome i dont use texting language that often
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hey bannana inventor look at my sly cooper cane do you think I should post
osi8 years ago
i already did
gmjhowe8 years ago
post one then!
smidge1478 years ago
there is rubber band guns here...