why can't I delete my instructable?

I can not delete my instructable and it is driving me crazy!!! somebody please help me.

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wilgubeast3 years ago

Write to service@instructables.com. Ask to be deleted by an admin. It prevents empty instructables from floating around after someone decides to leave.

smilegrin2 years ago

I put an email address in my address bar, wanted to download an app, and when i did the easy download I looked at name and it was Instructables! I can't see anywhere how to unsubscribe, please help.I'm very concerned because I never put in your address but your address got me. I want to unsubscripe.

If you want to close your Instructables account, send an email to service@instructables.com. Make sure you use the email address you used to create the account.

smilegrin2 years ago

why is my post not nice when all I want is to unscribe?

ll.139 years ago
Go here: https://www.instructables.com/you?show=INSTRUCTABLES
edit the Instructable, and on the left there's a menu:

This Instructable
  • Add New Step
  • Reorder Steps
  • Change License
  • Delete Instructable
  • Version History
Click delete, and it should be done. (:

nope, doesn't work

(That's five year old advice, several versions of the site ago.)