why do we hate bananas?

Why do we hate bananas? share why here!

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I Like how this went from bananas to cheese and sandwiches.
They make the roof of my mouth itchy. They shall pay one day. One day...
yourcat8 years ago
They get over ripe too easy...
Kiteman8 years ago
I don't hate bananas.

In fact, I have just finished eating a banana and peanut butter sandwich.

(Who says Americans don't contribute to world cuisine?)
. The thought of a proper Brit eating a PB&B sandwich strikes me as exceptionally funny. PB&B is about as Redneck as it gets.
I'll swap you - try a cheese and jam sandwich. Make sure it's a fairly hard cheese, and a tart jam.
Smoked oyster pizza, anyone?
Oh, I'll call your bluff on the cheese sandwich and raise you a sweet gherkin (pickle) and Cheese Whiz sandwich !!!
You ever try a baloney and butter sandwich on Wonder Bread? For some reason, that gets stuck to the roof of your mouth also.
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