why is KILLERK's gun still so popular?

why do you think KILLERK's gun is still so popular?

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trebuchet0310 years ago
Usually, for every question about why something is... the more appropriate question is... why not?
Gnaw trebuchet0310 years ago
words of wisdom indeed... I have no experience using Knex. But there seems to be an abundance of Knex weapon instructables. Why not make an instructable on how to build a Knex water filtration system or a Knex robot? That would be 'c'ool!
TigerNod Gnaw9 years ago
Water filtration system... That would be really awesome, but with knex? Knex has all holes inside it, I don't think it's possible.
I find those holes to work better for a water filtration device.  The gunk gets stuck on the plastic while the water just goes through the holes in the knex.
True, but you can't make pipes or something from knex to move the water trough. The knex water filtration system would be more like a sieve then a filtration system.
You can use that tube in one of knex's sets (I forgot its name but I think its a ball machine)
Yeah, I suppose that would work.
not as cool as a gun that shoots over 200ft! u can c it on my instructable if u like
knexsniper18 years ago
i think that it is so popular because it has pretty great range power, as well as accuracy. plus it doesn't require many pieces, so pretty much anyone can make a powerful knex gun if they like. is there like a single KILLERK weapon that doesn't shoot over 100 feet?
Reasons may b the following: POWER! POWER! And a little more POWER! SIMPLICITY EASE of operation CLEAN and solid looks Basically it is really really ridiculously good looking as Derek Zoolander says it best jk To be honest w/ u I think the distance and accuracy is what sets it apart and keeps it popular
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