why is my computer telling me its time to die?

hmmm i received several windows appearing that say simply "time to die" i wonder why? i figured it was someone outside of my computer accessing it. anyway to prevent this? more importantly, anyway to preserve my computer?

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Firebert0109 years ago
Screencap or it never happened.
hah this suddenly reminded me of the time we were playing nerf and I shouted Sit down and die! really loud and threw it full force at my wee bro, it got him in the chest and he fell on his butt, it was funny until he and I realised that I'd actually left him with a massive bruise on his chest...
ledzep567 (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
wait, what did you throw?!
A nerf ball, it's like an american football, except half sized, made of high density fowm with a fairly tough nose and a tail with fins, also it screams when you throw it hard, whistles on the sides... All you hear before you die are those whistles, my legion of jackalopes have been trained to use them...
Labot20019 years ago
Ha, I put Linux on my iPod and it once told me: "Unit is going to sleep forever." And I was like, crap.
KentsOkay9 years ago
Hire me as a bodygaurd.
What would you do? Cry on bad guys? Bleed on them?
Nah, chop 'em to fishbait.
Doctor What9 years ago
Well, if someone was telling you "time to die", I would be a little concerned. Hide in your closet with a baseball bat, ==quick!==
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