why the hell isn't my instructable publishing?

I have been trying to have an instructable published for 2 days now. Here's a screenshot of the hidden comments that an admin (noahw) is sending me. First he agrees that my instructable does not violate any of the 'criteria' that are so thoroughly bulleted in the first post, then goes on to say that he just is a little uncomfortable because he doesn't quite understand a simple point in the instructable. I guess noahw's full and total comprehension of each and every step of an instructable is what decides if it's publishable or not. To make the instructable understandable by noahw I added a thorough diagram. I then attempted to republish the instructable last night and it still has not appeared on the instructables page,...... it did not used to be this difficult to share knowledge on instructables with people other than the admins.. Sorry if this post sounds a little annoyed, but I am.

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baneat8 years ago
The staff doesn't need to/shouldn't have to take crap from the likes of you. It's not your site, you don;t define anything. If you don't like it, i'm sure the staff won't mind losing you.
leevonk (author)  baneat8 years ago
I guess that was up to the staff wasn't it. I'm still typing this aren't I. I guess you're wrong.... the site and I have a mutually beneficial relationship. they wouldn't lose much from booting me, but neither would I. the only people that would lose are people that read and learn from instructables.
I guess that was up to the staff wasn't it. I'm still typing this aren't I.

Yes, because despite your project experience, they've set the bar very high for member banning. It really takes a lot of effort on your part with few exceptions for special cases.

they wouldn't lose much from booting me
you're a contributing member -- web2.0 counts on members like you ;) In any case, removing a member for mildly sour internal press can end up being very bad. You don't seem like the type of person that would hold a grudge against it - but some people have too much time on their hands allocated to retaliation :/
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Bashing the staff is NOT the way to get anything accomplished - here or anywhere else. Whether they are right or wrong ... well, it's their site so they are ALWAYS right. If I were in Noah's place and someone sent me a msg that started out "what the hell are you talking about?", I'd simply grab the mouse and hit the Delete User Account button. If I didn't do it then, I'd certainly do it when the jackass posted a msg telling everyone that I didn't have the IQ of a 5 yo. . If you will try to deal with the Ibles staff (and ppl in general) in a reasonable and rational manner (neither of which I've seen you display), you'll be able to accomplish so much more. Good luck with the rest of your life.
leevonk (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
Actually, I think it's quite reasonable to point out that none of the admin's bulleted points are violated by my instructable. If I hurt your ears by including the 'h' word in my perfectly reasonable argument, that's your problem, Noah actually took it quite well and commendably acknowledged that indeed none of the points were violated. His point about the instructable being a little undetailed makes sense to me too, but I don't like ideas being kept from the public because one particular individual doesn't understand it. If it had been allowed to be published and someone asked a question for more details in the comments section I would have realized this need and responded. This site polices itself quite well, I don't think we need an individual arbiter in charge of what gets published and what doesn't. Thank you for letting me know that I 'could accomplish so much more' though, I can only strive to achieve what you have.
> none of the admin's bulleted points are violated . According to Noah's response (in your pic above), he DID send you an explanation. "I left you a customized message ..." . > If I hurt your ears by including the 'h' word . I have absolutely no problem with "the 'h' word" (or any other word in a private communication) - it was your abusive tone towards someone trying to do you a favor. . Speaking of private communications: posting a private message in a public forum, without all parties' approval, is pretty high on my list of unethical things to do. . > my perfectly reasonable argument . I disagree, but that's just my opinion. . > Noah actually took it quite well . That's the understatement of the year! I hope Noah's boss realizes how lucky he/she is. . > but I don't like ideas being kept from the public because one particular individual doesn't understand it. . But you have no right to be published here (or anywhere else, unless you're footing the bill). Ibles can publish (or not) whatever they want, whenever they want, and without giving thought to whether you, me, or anybody else likes it. They may consider my remarks to you to be a violation of the "be nice" policy and delete it before I hit Post. That is their right and privilege and if I don't like it, I can go somewhere else. . > If it had been allowed to be published and someone asked a question . Apparently, Ibles preferred for you to make the changes before members had to point it out. . > This site polices itself quite well . And a lot of the reason for that is the Man Behind The Curtain. He makes sure everything is up to Ibles' standards. . > I don't think we need an individual arbiter . Doesn't really matter what you (or anyone else, including myself) think. . > Thank you ... . You are most ... oh, wait a minute! That's was sarcasm, wasn't it? . > I can only strive to achieve what you have . It's not that hard. Just don't give ppl grief when they don't deserve it. . . Whew! That was rather cathartic.
leevonk (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
To a degree, I am helping to 'foot the bill'. This site depends on contributors of which I am one, therefore I do have 'the right' to be pissed off about the way the site works.
To a degree, I am helping to 'foot the bill'.

You "pay them out of your pocket to be here"? If not, then "you" are not footing any bill.
leevonk (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
uhm,..yeah,... you should read up on that
I am here of my own free will and do not pay. If I ever get time to publish an instructable, and I hope to soon, it will again be something I want to do. The payment I get will be the satisfaction that I have helped someone with some knowledge. Something I enjoy doing without having to pay for the privilege.
leevonk (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
The lack of payment has no effect on the validity of my statement. The advertisements on this webpage generate money when people visit the site and see them. While the contribution of each individual's instructables to the site's total traffic is negligible, each individual is nevertheless generating money for the site.
And guess what that money is used for...

Besides, you are not helping to foot the bill. You are using the services that instructables provides for free. Viewing the advertisements that help pay for what you consume is simply the least you can do to thank them for providing this website. And based on the fact that instructables is not yet profitable, I doubt you are even paying for the bandwidth that you use.
leevonk (author)  Weissensteinburg8 years ago
the last sentence of your statement implies that I am indeed "paying" (note the quotes). And I am "paying" more then every person that has less instructables views than I do. The fact that this payment doesn't cover the full bill of the website does not negate the fact that I am contributing to the payment. Considering I usually don't visit this site very often, I am certainly contributing a higher value (ad revenue-wise) than I consume (bandwith-wise). Thanks for verifying my point.
leevonk (author)  leevonk8 years ago
I just realized that you both seem to be missing the farely simple concept that when I talk about creating revenue via ad views, I'm _not_ talking about myself viewing the ads, I'm talking about the thousands of views that my instructables have brought to the site. I realize that this contribution is neglible (as I've mentioned before), but I'm talking about the principle of it.
ok then, let's take it that way. Figure out how many page views youre responsible for, and how many page views instructables has gotten. Now add however many page views being part of the staff counts for, and multiply it by how many staff members there are. Figure out what percent of it all you're responsible for, compared to what percent noahw is responsible for...that's how much your opinion can count for...is that fair?
You expressed my thoughts much more clearly than I did, thanks.
Any time =]
Foot the bill: To pay the bill which we do nothing of the kind. The advertisers do, but your analogy is skewed. It is removed to a 3rd degree of separation and that is hardly an argument at all. It is similar to saying that, because you were "available" to be robbed, if you are robbed, it must by "you" that is at fault.
leevonk (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
The more people that come to the site, the more people click on ads (theoretically), the more revenue is generated. Therefore, consider people's instructables to be advertisements that advertise the ads on the website.
Then that is not removed to the third degree, but the fourth.
And a lot of the reason for that is the Man Behind The Curtain. He makes sure everything is up to Ibles' standards.

Hey now, it's no man - it's Robot! Imagine what Oz would have been like with Robot at the helm :p
. Oops! My mistake. LOL
but I don't like ideas being kept from the public because one particular individual doesn't understand it

It wasn't an individual ;) Note the elusive "filters" in the admin post ;) An individual just happened to make the initial response to let you know what happened ;) It could have been just as easy to make it automated so there's no human contact from the beginning - but that's not what instructables has done (yet) :/

Noahw's a good guy - he doesn't have a vendetta against any particular member... That bit just goes with the job. If you posted this a few months ago during summer time, I would be the one you would be annoyed with ;)

In any case, I'll put my money on the pictures (lack of and quality) as for why this didn't go public immediatly -- perhaps formatting too... From past experience, hand drawn pictures aren't accepted very well (notice how many new projects use hand drawn pictures - just because you don't see them doesn't mean people don't try) - the idea is to lower the amount of flak a project receives. It's known bad comments come from that scenario, so the bar is raised to just above that. For formatting, it really needs to fit the format structure already setup - otherwise the instructables concept doesn't work as well.

Leaving notes on yet another pen gun with pictures hand drawn in paint (with a plethora of hilarious excuses of why their digital camera doesn't work or why they can't collaborate to get pictures).... Truly not the highlight of my summer (but at least it didn't take long to sort out) :D

This site polices itself quite well
Yeah, with an iron fist too -- and then admins are dealing with pissing contests between members.... It's funny dealing with that sort of thing for about a day or until the 40 post deep personal attack slug fest...
And if he'd been a little patient, he'd have seen the 'ible get published without the "offending" messages which he has now preserved for all to see...
leevonk (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
I think waiting two days for the publishing of voluntarily contributed information on a website is being patient. I wouldn't have minded waiting even ten days if the reason for the wait was legitimate in my mind.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Since I started this, let me try to end it. . I think leevonk knows how the majority of the ppl here feel about his rudeness. He'll either pay attention and shape up or he won't. I plan on doing as Kiteman did and wash my hands of him. "I'm gonna wash that man right outta my hair." I reserve the right to change my mind without notice. . For much the same reason it is not leevonk's place to tell Ibles how to run their business, I don't think it is our place to invite him to leave. Ibles may think his pluses outweigh his minuses and it it not for us to decide. Not that I think it's a bad idea, it's just not our call to make. . My apologies to any members who were offended by my tirades. No apologies to leevonk - you can go piss in the wind. . Over and out.
leevonk (author)  NachoMahma8 years ago
thanks, I'll make sure you're downwind (I first wrote upwind, then caught myself :) over and out
Kiteman8 years ago

I've looked at your "Stylus" instructable (currently visible at http://www.instructables.com/id/SJ2M6JNF82EXLIP/ ), and I would like to offer a little advice.

You have been a member long enough to know that the preferred format of an Instructable includes a separate section for each step, yet you have crammed six steps-worth of 'ible (materials & tools plus five manufacturing steps) into a single step.

You should also know that the preferred illustrative tool is a clear photograph. Very few Instructables are successful with a sketch in Paint. The video adds nothing to the Instructable beyond proving it works.

Having said all that, this has the potential to be a good Instructable.

My advice to you is to start again. Make another stylus and photograph each stage of the Make in detail - use macro mode if you can, and illuminate it brightly (I'd avoid flash with this subject - bend a desk-lamp close instead).

Spread out what is currently "step two" into six steps, correcting the occasional grammar / spelling niggle as you go, and move the video into the last step to show off the finished product.

A reservation about the actual project, which you may want to address in your improved write-up - it is really wise to use a water-oozing stylus on a laptop touchpad? I'd be nervous about the potential damage (to the laptop and to the user) done by a drop getting past the edge of the pad - or is it watertight?

Oh, and this is a family site - please show some restraint in the kinds of expletives you use.
leevonk (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
this is not my job. I'm actually very busy. I put as much information in instructions as I feel is needed, in a format that I feel gets the point across. I don't like making them pretty.
. ROFLMAO Well, Kiteman, looks as if neither the Good Cop nor the Bad Cop can get through to this guy. Don't you need a cup of coffee, right about now?
Bran NachoMahma8 years ago
Don't you mean a cup o' tea?
Kiteman Bran8 years ago
No, definitely coffee. Black and strong. (I'll eventually get round to writing an 'ible for my favourite recipe)
(Sidles out of room, pretending to look for change)
Kiteman leevonk8 years ago
I tried being nice to you, I tried helping you, but it seems you were too "busy" to take notice.

If I was doing Noah's job, then an attitude like that would have guaranteed the Instructable did not get published. As it is, I wash my hands of you - if you don't like sticking to the consensus-approved format here, then why not publish elsewhere, if you're not too busy, that is.
Brennn108 years ago
Step 1: Don't disrespect Instructables staff. They are doing an amazing job, so try not to take them for granted. Step 2: Be Patient, sometimes Instructables do not get into the most recent until a day after it was published. The last Instructable I published took a day to get into the most recent. Patience is a virtue. Step 3: Review your Instructable for any sign that it might not be sufficient enough to satisfy the requirements of a well-made Instructable. PM them if you feel otherwise, but definitely do not sound like a spoiled 4-year old. Just my 2 cents.
leevonk (author)  Brennn108 years ago
I admit, I can see how the tone could be taken as that of a spoiled 4 year old :) although I feel it was a justified rant (as you may or may not see if you read the comments and replies below too) I 'm usually very patient, it's only when I feel something is unjustified that I become impatient :)
Yes, we all at one point or another feel impatient and annoyed at certain things that occur. I guess what everyone is trying to say, is just to control your emotions.
leevonk (author)  Brennn108 years ago
considering that the emotions of a writer cannot be accurately predicted from typed words on the internet (see research such as: http://www.apa.org/monitor/feb06/egos.html) you should take your own advice (although I may be simply misinterpretting your tone too :)
Here's a screenshot of the hidden comments that an admin (noahw) is sending me.

They are not hidden. I can read it if I click on your name, then on the instructable in question in your list of instructables.
BTW, do you think it's a conspiracy against you ???????? =o)
leevonk (author)  chooseausername8 years ago
yeah, I think the internets are trying to poison me, how did you know.
Watch out for those "spiders", they're the worst.