wifi antennas

can i use the wokfi antenna hack with a laptop that already has internal wifi?

asysyauqi10 years ago
of course you can use it... some times if i use my laptop with ipw3945 driver doesn't support to inject the ap, then i use an external antenna
LasVegas10 years ago
The majority of notebook internal WiFi are simply a WiFi card or chipset inside the computer. The antenna will be connected in the same maner as any other card using a coaxial cable. To use an external antenna, all you need to do is disconnect the internal antenna and run a new wire out of the notebook to an external antenna. While this would work, it kind of defeats some of the benifits of WiFi in the notebook. Your best bet is to use the WokFi with a WiFi Bridge to another WiFi at a further distance. Then you could use the notebook through the Bridge.
true_geek10 years ago
no since an internal antenna does not have anywhere to connect an additional antenna to, however if you disabled the internal antenna and used a USB adapter like the instructable says than it will work very well.