wii induction charger battery pack

Hey ppl,
I bought an energizer wii induction charger earlier this year. A few months later, I started getting a red flashinglight on the charger and the batteries wouldn't charge anymore. I got the battery packs replaced because it was still under warranty, and I still have the old battery packs.

I opened them up because they're pretty simple to dismantle (just 2 screws) and there are two unbranded AAA batteries. I was wondering if any rechargeable AAA battery can be used with it.

Also any ideas on other possible uses for this induction hardware? Check out the pics below:

Picture of wii induction charger battery pack
atomicrabbit (author) 7 years ago
any suggestions on alternate uses?
KentsOkay7 years ago
Ditto on what Kite said. I work in the place where you probably bought these things, another employee has done the same.
Kiteman7 years ago
I'd guess most AAAs could be used, and even AAs if you hacked a new enclosure.