wii v. xbox 360

Please no discussion, just a vote. I do not care if you even know what they are just cast a vote. I am going to buy one but I do not know which. First to 20, I buy. Go. Wii or Xbox 360

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barrax9 years ago
360 for the best gaming experience wii for more fun
Merugop barrax7 years ago
 kkgg it aint more fun if i cut a guy into two pieces on GoW im Laughing my eyes out.
Merugop7 years ago
 The wii was a nice concepts but..............
Xbox 360 vs Wii
Graphics/Xbox 360
Online/ Xbox 360
Offline multiplayer/c same
Controls- nun chucks don´t work- Xbox 360
Price-qaulity- Xbox 360
I could say some other things but i think you know the point Xbox!
nashou27 years ago
wii's are like reaally fun with innovative controls, but xbox's are better if you wanna play online or game out really hardcore
CapnTac7 years ago
It's like comparing apples and oranges. I have a Wii, and am 100% happy with it, but, if you want something more fit for a hardcore gamer, get the 360.
xbox 360 is WAY better!!!!!!!!!
Thats right.
wats ur 360 live gamertag?
my gamertag?
yeah its the name u go by on xbox 360 live.
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