wii zapper out of knex

ok here is something cool that works for all of shooters that can use the wii zapper. see if you can make one that looks cool and post a picture.

Picture of wii zapper out of knex
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Wafflicious8 years ago
great idea with the blanket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got to try that! THANKS!
dp mac8 years ago
u should put the nunchuck on the rifle were the left hand would be exept on the side so you could hold it like a real gun ps. post so i can mod it and show u what i mean if u dont get it.
the_burrito_master (author)  dp mac8 years ago
I know what you mean but i couldn't get a thing to hold the nunchuck on the front i tried to make an exact replica of the wii zapper. You can easily build it from the pics here.
Can you please post this because i want to make one for my friend.
ok but i'm in the middle of posting a bunch of things. cant you build it off the pictures? I'm working on a better one so hang on for that.
Ok ya i can build that from the pics but i don't have a wiimote, so i don't know how to make the correct sizes to hold it....
oh i see just wait for me to post the pistol.
hehe ok cool!
it will be on before new years. that ok?
alright, but my friend is probably getting he Wii for Christmas Maybe just post a few pics of the other one on a forum topic
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