will this evaporate?

i am turning a bic lighter into a zippo. i used heet for fuel but that evaporated to quick. if i used tiki torch stuff would it evaporate fast to? it needs to be sucked to the wick.

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It might disappear quite quick, that's why all petrol lighters have caps of some description... It would go for two or three days at a guess...
You'll find that zippos have about a week shelf life when being used. About two weeks if they aren't opened at all, also If you leave one closed and set it somewhere cold for a while the fuel condenses in the top of the lid and lights when you light the lighter it looks cool.
that's why my early morning smoke breaks result in a flaming zippo lid. thank you!
I know, it's always fun to light the cigarette from the flame in the lid, people just look at you and go 'what, how but'
if you're turning it to a zippo, then use zippo fluid
Aww okay. :P
You should have said "Then no, it won't evaporate" =)
Are you going to post an Instructable?
Should do the job, Your problem may not be evaporation, from what you say you only have a single hole in the lighter, You need a filler hole because the wick really needs to worm it's way through the wadding to get good absorption. By the way nice one on the Bic, I thought about that but I want to have my own custom capped lighter made by me, hell if I get in a really good mood I'll not even cheat on the cap mechanism, even though it's not laziness so much as not wasting time...
tech-king9 years ago
all those fuels evaporate fast. for the most part, with liquid fuels, its the vapour,not the actual liquid, that burns. eg: gasoline. watch a video of it burning. its very easy to see.
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