window gem gel decorations

''HELP PLEASE.......a friend asked if I knew how to make these decorations,
I said, NOPE, but would look here and find out how to.....but couldn't find an answer, but I know one of you smart people has the info I need so please help me out and send me the info?
Thanks in advance!

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jtobako10 years ago
spray the window with water, then apply any glossy plastic. the trick is that the plastic has to be very smooth so that the water has little or no chance to evaporate.
Aeshir10 years ago
Are they those things do stick on your windows?
peep727 (author)  Aeshir10 years ago
Yes..........they almost look and feel like jell-o jigglers and they stick on windows. Pal lives in the woord on a lake and the darn birds fly into her picture windows. She's tried black construction bird shaped cut outs, pie tins and pin wheels all hung on the windows, to keep the birds from flying into their reflections, but the damn bird brains still do it.........
Aeshir Aeshir10 years ago
Dumb question...I don't know...Maybe clear plastic bags and glue stick them on to a window and colour them? :S
sunwukong1510 years ago
IKEA sells multi-colored rolls of vinyl material used to line drawers and cabinets. I suspect they would be the perfect material to cut different shapes out of.