earlier today i received a comment pertaining to my instructable that made me change my perspective on this entire tournament. until now, i only really entered my idea because i wanted to win; however, after reading that i was able to, even minutely, impact somebody's life, i realized that i should post my ideas because i want to help others and make them happy. you all may get comments and just think of them as another comment, but that is not me. this comment i received has actually changed my way of viewing certain things (as odd and peculiar as this may sound). now dont get me wrong, i would still really love to win this competition -- only now its not solely for the prize, but in knowing that if i win, that i know my instructable was good enough to have impacted enough people to allow me to win. if anybody here agrees at all with what i am saying, please follow up with a comment. thank you all and best of luck. jon

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imanalchemist10 years ago
The response to my first ever instructable was astounding, sure I knew it was cool and I loved what I had created, but I never knew how popular it would become. I was amazed to see the pictures of other's creations spawned from mine, then just a few scant months later, there was a class at a popular education station in my hometown (S.C.R.A.P.) teaching people how to make them. It's a little scary and made it hard to follow up. I always thought: what if they don't like my new project...
I'm always intrigued to see what becomes popular- it's really hard to predict. Some of my favorite projects just don't gain traction. So it goes.

That's a pretty good argument for just posting all of your projects to see what happens.
I never get more then 10 comments =/ But for some reason, my instructables keep on placing in the contests. If you like an instructable, COMMENT ON IT! I like getting comments more than winning prizes!
I agree. Comments are wonderful! Hopefully the next instructable I post will get more than my first.
jeffreyf10 years ago
I still get a thrill whenever anyone replicates anything I post. It's far better than a prize. The contests are to just to prompt people to post their Instructables; the benefit is seeing how it impacts others.
I still get a thrill whenever anyone replicates anything I post. It's far better than a prize.

I agree 145.32% :)
Dude, getting a comment is ridiculously gratifying! Let alone knowing that someone actually replicated your how-to! Oh man, I wish someone would do one of my instructables....
j626no (author)  trebuchet0310 years ago
yes, i agree fully. i've had two comments now with pictures and it is so gratifying that i am forced to make other instructables
canida j626no10 years ago
The pictures are really the best- this just gave me a super-cheesy grin for hours. I knew about the class, but seeing the pictures really did it.
Crash2108 canida10 years ago
Damn, and the most positive comment I've ever gotten was 'whatever makes a turd'...
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