wireless tachometer

we aim to do a miniproject -- contactless tachometer. using the principle of receiving the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the spak ignition engines using an antenna. the signal is ampliflied,filtered ,converted to pulses.using an ADC it is then converted to digital form , then counted and by making use of a lookup table,we aim to display the rpm using 1line 16 character alphanumeric display.PIC microcontroller is used for ADC,pulse counting ,storing lookup table and display interface.kindly post ur suggestions regarding this project..{{{


LasVegas10 years ago
Why not just place a magnet on the fly wheel and count the frequency it passes a hall effect switch. No math involved!
Hi LasVegas ! I have a Dyna -Flex PowerBall Tachometer that I want to adapt to my 35mm Motion picture camera. I want to know if the camera is runing in, " Sync " ie:1800 RPM's = 24 fps. how do I go about doing this? The PowerBall has a Coil & magnet inside the Gyro. Can I use any small magnet and install it on the Motors out put shaft? I thought about using a Optical incoder for this also. Any Ideas? Bill of Magic Lantern Productions.