won't download anything

i've added your download sites to be accepted in my popup blocker list, have downloaded adobe reader 10, created an account and signed in, etc. etc.
but still-there is no download when i click on the yellow download.  i've been trying everything for about 45 minutes.
please help.
after all---you have my info, but i don't have yours!

thank you.

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I can not download the document:

Please help, thanks!
Try using the "download custom PDF" below the regular PDF link, it may take a little while but works. The regular PDF download doesn't work for me either and I've filed a bug report about it.
Thanks, Download custom PDF works, only have to wait a while.
Thanks Mike.
can you please give me the link to the projects/eBook you're having trouble with?
I think 'brightonsolar' is referring to this Instructable:


The PDF File: DIY-CNC-Router.pdf doesn't load (when you follow the links to download the ible). There are no errors, just a blank, grey screen.
See my reply to brightonsolr above
mikeasaurus5 years ago
eBooks require Pro Membership in order to download, same with downloading PDF's.

As a free member you can view all the projects included in an eBook as actual Instructables, then bookmarking the ones you like. It's not the same as downloading the eBook, but is an alternative.

You mention
"i thought i read all the info before signing up...i don't think it is clear that you have to pay to dowload..."
When signing up you should see this chart which outlines what each membership includes (below)
Jayefuu5 years ago
Are you referring to the pdf download page? If so, which one?

sawaustin (author)  Jayefuu5 years ago
thanks. yes...i tried two different ones....in the photography section.
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